Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode will get its third chapter soon, and its director at Infinity Ward has started teasing it in tweets. The quotes are cryptic, but here’s what we know so far.

The teases arrived Wednesday morning in the form of two very specific quotes from a man named Arthur McIntosh. The relation to DLC 2 is confirmed by a not-so-discreet hashtag. Here are the statements in their unedited vagueness.

"As we get older we realize money isn't the most valuable asset in life, time is. And I want more time, lots more." -Arthur McIntosh

"We must seize every opportunity. Our future is full of potential, even when things appear to be at their darkest." -Arthur McIntosh

The first step to analyzing a hint like this is to do a quick Google search not just for the McIntosh name but the quotes themselves. Both queries came back empty, however, which leads us to believe the dialogue, and the person saying it, is totally unique to Zombies. Is this Arthur character the voice that will guide players through the next Zombies chapter? How does he relate to the Willard Wyler story? That much is still unclear.

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Theorizing is never bad, though, and we have a few ideas. Both quotes tells us that, whoever this McIntosh guy is, he seems obsessed with having lots of time or a sense of immortality. He calls time “the most valuable asset in life” and looks forward to the future as a source of happiness. Willard Wyler made a deal with the devil to become who he is, so might McIntosh have done the same to obtain life everlasting? It’s a possibility.

After all, much of Infinite Warfare Zombies focuses on being trapped inside films. The cinematic business is often referred to as one of the few industries that will never die. In that sense, McIntosh might see the film world as a place where he has unlimited time to do his bidding.

Regardless of meaning, it’s clear the Wyler narrative is a lot bigger than players assumed. From our point of view, however, it’s hard to tell precisely how McIntosh fits into it. Is he the hero to counter Wyler’s insanity, or is Wyler the patsy for the strings McIntosh is pulling? In typical Zombies fashion, maybe his motivations aren’t so clear cut. The whole situation is perplexing to think about.

Then there’s the question of eras. Having explored the ‘80s and ‘90s in the previous two chapters, will this one take us further back into the ‘70s or push forward to the millennium? These words don’t suggest anything about when the next plot takes place.

No matter which theory you ascribe to, these teases indicate that a DLC 2 Zombies stream is coming soon. While largely unconfirmed, we’d expect a full reveal in the next two weeks. Separate streams will focus on the Zombies and multiplayer content. Based on past DLC release patterns, DLC 2 seems slated for release in early to mid-April.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
What do you think of these Infinite Warfare Zombies teases? Which era do you want to explore in DLC 2? Tell us in the comments section!