• A whopping $1 million prize pool is at stake for this year's "Call of Duty: Mobile" World Championships 2020
  • The tournament will start on April 30 until May 24
  • Players who are ranked veteran or higher in multiplayer are qualified
  • They need to score 80 points in the first 10 games to move on to Stage 2

“Call of Duty: Mobile” players around the world would want to hone their crosshairs while lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are still being enforced as Activision is planning a major tournament by the end of the month.

In the game's official website, Activision shared the “initial details and anticipated timelines” of the “Call of Duty: Mobile” World Championships 2020, which will start on April 30 and will run until May 24.

The blog detailed that Activision's “global competitive tournament” will kick off with four open online qualifiers. This means that players go head to head digitally as various measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have already cancelled of this year's competitions, conventions and other gaming-related gatherings.

Call of Duty
Brasil Game Show 2013 - Call of Duty: Ghosts André Pase/Flickr

Not all “Call of Duty: Mobile” players are eligible, though. They need to be ranked veteran or higher in multiplayer in order to take part in the competition and duke it out for in-game rewards and eventually, move on to the Stage 2 of the tournament.

Recruits who “Sign Up” for the first four weekends will earn tournament points on the first ten ranked matches that they will play. Those points are based on their individual wins and their rank, meaning the higher a player is on the tier, the more points they will have on each win. Those who reach 80 points within the first 10 games will move on to Stage 2 where they will once again team up and soldier on the tournament.

The “Call of Duty: Mobile” World Championships 2020 have set specific rules to level the playing field among its competitors. For one, they need to be playing on an “eligible handset” and should not use any “external device or attachment” such as Bluetooth or wired controllers, mouse and keyboard and the like without the consent of the tournament administrator. Those who play “Call of Duty: Mobile” on a PC emulator are likewise disqualified.

For what it's worth, Activision Blizzard and Sony Mobile Corporation came up with over $1 million in prize pool for this year's World Championships. The staggering amount is huge considering the platform it's being played. The League of Legends Championship Series and The Overwatch League are just two prime examples of games with more than a million at stake, and they usually reserve their seats for professional teams and players.