• Calvin Harris recently opened up about his heart problem back in 2014
  • According to his response to a tweet by fellow DJ Dancing Astronaut, the Scottish DJ had to have his heart "restarted"
  • Harris had to give up alcohol to help alleviate and prevent symptoms

Calvin Harris recently opened up about his heart emergency back in 2014.

In a response to a post on Twitter that complimented how Harris’ energy “went off at EDC that summer,” the 36-year-old Scottish DJ revealed that he had to have his heart “restarted” in a hospital emergency room. Harris did not explicitly dish out on the details regarding the apparent incident, but he divulged some parcel of information in his tweet.

“Interesting year for me 2014, started with me knocking myself off number 1 in the UK and ended with my heart getting restarted in the ER…this sort of stuff happened in between,” the Electronic dance music DJ wrote responding to the tweet by fellow DJ Dancing Astronaut that included a video of Harris’ set from the 2014 Electric Daisy Carnival.

During that time, the “Summer” singer had reportedly dropped that he was suffering from health problems after cutting off several of his music gigs. He even withdrew from the MTV European Music Awards at the time. The DJ announced on Twitter that he wasn’t going to be attending the said show.

"No EMAs for me this weekend," Harris tweeted just 24 hours before the event. "Got some heart problems. Heading home to see if it can be fixed x."

It was confirmed later that year that the EDM record producer was diagnosed with arrhythmia, a heart condition that induces an irregular heartbeat. Arrhythmia is also diagnosed as critical, as the ailment can often indicate severe heart damage, as per Medical News Today. Following the diagnosis, Harris cut back on alcohol consumption to help prevent the symptoms.

The Scottish DJ, known for his drinking habits candidly revealed the issue regarding his sobriety during a Q&A on Twitter in 2018. In a report by The Sun, Harris shared that imbibing two bottles of whiskey was his frequent ritual right before he proceeds with his music sets on stage.

"The last thing I want to do is down 2 bottles of jack daniels a night, live on greggs pasties and sleep on an absolutely stinking bus all year, scream down a mic for 55 minutes and pretend to play a keyboard 5x a week those days are behind me son," Harris stated.

In a follow-up tweet regarding the matter, the DJ had revealed that he hasn’t drunk in over four years. "Aye things are a bit less fun but haven't had an arrhythmia since 2014,” he added.

Calvin Harris
Musician Calvin Harris arrives at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada May 17, 2015. Reuters/L.E. Baskow