Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello released the music video to “No Crying in the Club.” The singer is pictured attending 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango on May 13, 2017 in Carson, California. Getty Images

After months of teasing fans, Camila Cabello finally released her first single “No Crying in the Club” off of her upcoming album “The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving.”

On Friday, the singer tweeted about the released of her new music urging fans to listen and watch the music video. “#cryingintheclub video NOW on @vevo!! so happy for u to finally see it, hope u enjoy,” the 20-year-old wrote.

Fans who watched the music also received a special treat from Cabello who teased her next single “I Have Questions” in the beginning of her latest project. “No Crying in the Club” starts out slow with the singer appearing emotional and in tears.

The songstress, who left her music group Fifth Harmony in December to embark on a solo career, belts out lyrics about being hurt by someone and trying to deal with the pain. In the “I Have Questions” teaser, Cabello sings about being there for a person and giving them her all and yet they have no remorse for hurting her.

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The singer goes on to say that she regrets trusting the person who played her for a fool. However, after a minute of the emotional tune, the video transitions to the upbeat single of “No Crying in the Club,” which Cabello regards as a part of the healing portion of her album.

During an interview with Beats 1, Cabello revealed she wanted fans to hear the song because the lyrics were hopeful following a dark time that she experienced. “Let the music lift you up like you’ve never been so high/ Let the music lift you up like you’ve never been this free,” Cabello said, reflecting on her lyrics while explaining her “intense and cathartic” music.

In the music video for Cabello’s single, she can be seen sensually dancing and at one point stuck in a glass box. However, she is able to eventually break free and shatter the box while vowing not to cry in the club anymore.

Cabello received plenty of praise for her new music from several artists including Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Lorde and Charli XCX.

“Speechless.. goosebumps all over. You’re incredible,” Mendes tweeted about the music video.

Charli XCX revealed that she was already fangirling over the tune following its release. “Crying in the club is sooo good!!! so happy my fav hobby now has a sound track lol. plus the video intro!!!! @Camila_Cabello u get ittttt,” the singer wrote.

Christina Aguilera fans may feel a bit nostalgic listening to Cabello’s new tune which samples “Genie in a Bottle. “Omg i am viiiibing on crying in the club this xtina sample!!!!” Lorde tweeted.

Cabello initially announced the release date of her upcoming single and the title to her first solo album on Sunday. “‘The hurting the healing the loving’ is the story of my journey from darkness into light, from a time when i was lost to a time when i found myself again,” she tweeted.

Despite her rough journey, Cabello was grateful for the experience because it helped her create an album.

Fans hoping for another look at Cabello can tune into the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC where the singer is scheduled to perform. Cabello will be performing an encore of “I Have Questions” on Xfinity X1 immediately following the show.