While Gavin Newsom has repeatedly stated that he has "subzero interest" in a presidential election bid in 2024, betting site OddsChecker lists the California governor at a 5.9% probability of winning. His odds of winning are +1600.

Newsom, 55, a Democrat in a solid blue state, has crafted a name for himself both in and outside the state of California. He withstood a partisan recall effort in September 2021 and his approval rating in America's most populated state actually jumped during the effort.

He has also made inroads with Democrats by taking political shots against Republican governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Newsom has the fifth-best odds amongst prospective 2024 candidates. Newsom trails President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and is above former Vice President Mike Pence and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Former President Donald Trump and DeSantis have the strongest chance amongst Republicans. Trump is listed at 26.7%, while DeSantis is listed at 16.7%.

Biden has a 20% chance and Harris a 6.7% chance, placing her just higher than Newsom.

Though Newsom and his camp have been adamant that there are no plans for him to campaign for 2024, Newsom said during a talk in Austin, Texas, that he understands why he keeps getting questioned about it.

"I cannot say it enough," Newsom said after confirming that he won't make a White House bid. "I never trust politicians, so I get why you keep asking."