• Candace Cameron Bure shared on Instagram a family photo from a wedding Saturday
  • Some online users questioned her choice to wear a red dress, with one saying it "steals the spotlight from the bride"
  • Cameron Bure clarified that wearing red to weddings is not unusual in Los Angeles

Candace Cameron Bure clapped back at trolls who criticized her family's wedding style.

The "Christmas Under Wraps" star, 45, took to Instagram Saturday to share a family photo taken from a wedding they attended that day. The snap showed the actress and her daughter Natasha, 23, both rocking red strapless gowns as they posed alongside Cameron Bure's suit-clad husband Valeri Bure, 45, and son Lev, 21.

"Wedding season and I am HERE FOR IT!!! Mama gets another family pic (minus Maks who’s away at college)," Cameron Bure wrote in the caption, referencing her 19-year-old son, Maksim.

Many of Cameron Bure's fans and followers praised their family's looks.

"You all look smashing!!!" Katie Couric commented on her post.

"Wow! A family smoke show!!!" Marilu Henner wrote.

"Beautiful family," another fan wrote.

However, some shared their critiques of the family's fashion choices in the comments, and Cameron Bure quickly fired back at their takes.

When one Instagram user questioned why the "Fuller House" star and her daughter decided to wear red, calling it a "no-no at weddings, along with white," Cameron Bure replied, "Anything goes in L.A. There were 4 women wearing red dresses to the wedding."

Another social media user pointed out that red is not a good choice for weddings because it's a "power color" and "steals the spotlight from the bride." But the "A Shoe Addict's Christmas" star doubled down on her previous comment and responded that there are "different style rules in Los Angeles," before adding a winking emoji.

Some trolls criticized her husband and her son's choice to wear dress shoes without socks, with one saying the "no sock look is a no for me." The actress sarcastically replied, "Thanks for letting us know!"

The exchanges were friendly until a troll called Valeri and Lev's no-sock look "very unattractive."

"Comments like this are unattractive. People enjoy style in different ways. It’s not always necessary to share your opinion," Cameron Bure replied.

This is not the first time Cameron Bure has clapped back at online trolls who come for her and her family.

Back in January, she slammed the critics who left mean comments on her Instagram post featuring her family's Christmas photo, writing "shame on you" for posting "jokes about our appearance and criticism of what you thought would have been a better photo."

Cameron Bure went on to urge her critics to simply move on if they do not like her posts because they are people with real feelings. She also encouraged them to be kind because "it looks good on everyone."

Cameron Bure revealed in January that her maternal instinct drives her to respond when she sees mean comments about her kids on social media.

"I'm a mama bear. I mean, I really don't know any mother that is not fiercely protective of their children and it doesn't matter what ages my kids are," she told Us Weekly. "I clap back occasionally, but it's always in kindness and I believe it's in truth and love."

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure will headline Hallmark’s upcoming movie, “Christmas Sister Swap.” Picture: Bure at the premiere for “Fuller House” in Los Angeles on Feb. 16, 2016. Reuters/Mario Anzuoni