Ah Valentine’s Day, l’amore -- the day when new lovers celebrate their relationships and old ones rekindle them. But the most romantic day of the year can be jarring for those who are without a Valentine to call their own. "Candy heart rejects" has begun to trend on Twitter a day before the celebration of love, Valentine’s Day.

Everyone’s had a candy heart -- you know, those little pastel heart-shaped antacid-looking tablets with little sayings like “Be Mine” on them.

Well, some Valentine’s Day cynics seem to be taking their aggression out on the humble holiday treat.

Social media users have taken to Twitter to share funny and silly “rejected” candy heart sayings.

Check out some of the funniest quips that can be found on the web.

@bluthquotes combined two pop culture references:

“Call me Maeby. #candyheartrejects”

Maeby Fünke is a characted on the hit show “Arrested Development” and “Call Me Maybe” is a pop sensation by Carly Rae Jepsen.

@andylassner joked, “#CandyHeartRejects It's so tiny.”

A Twitter account that pretends to be “Golden Girls” star Betty White wrote:

“I'm not a roofie. Honest. #candyheartrejects” and “Get a cat. #CandyHeartRejects.”

‏@BYT quipped, “Be My "It's Complicated" #candyheartrejects”

@B_Sakowski: #CandyHeartRejects U Want the D?

Funny or Die, a website that posts hilarious videos and pictures, tweeted: “Get Tested #candyheartrejects”

Steve Huff referenced Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster’s famous movie “Silence of the Lambs” by writing, “The Lambs Still Scream #candyheartrejects.”

Paul Gude went old school, making a joke about late 1990s, early 2000s AOL style dating etiquette: “A/S/L? #candyheartrejects”

Joe Garden integrated some numbers into his Candy Heart: “I’M DESPR8 #candyheartrejects.”

‏@__ShutMeUp dissed, “#CandyHeartRejects I faked it.”

Pauly Casillas grimly tweeted, “HI(V) #CandyHeartRejects.”

@lawblob used a play on words for his candy heart: “I Lube You #candyheartrejects”