• "Captain America" actress arrested for killing mother
  • Mollie Fitzgerald, the accused, played the role of Stark Girl in the movie
  • The actress-turned-producer has been sent to jail on a bond of $500,000

An actress named Mollie Fitzgerald, who played a small role in the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger,” has been charged with second-degree murder of one of her family members inside her home in Kansas City.

According to a report, the 38-year-old actress was arrested by the local police for allegedly stabbing her own mother in the city of Kansas. The alleged incident is said to have happened in the third week of December because Fitzgerald’s mother, Patricia, was found dead inside her house on Dec. 20.

The star, who played the role of Stark Girl in the first “Captain America” movie, has been sent to jail on a bond of $500,000. As of late, no comment has been made by her attorney and it is also not clear if Fitzgerald even had someone who could come forward to comment from her side.

Apart from being an actress, Fitzgerald was also a producer and has produced more than seven movies and a documentary, which is still in production. Fitzgerald also directed a short movie called “The Creeps” in 2017, which has a score of 8 out of 10 on IMDb. She also served as an assistant to director Joe Johnston, the helmer of the first “Captain America” movie.

On the other hand, TMZ reported that police came to the area after responding to a distress call. They arrested the accused from the crime scene.

Meanwhile, a report from another media outlet stated that Patricia was getting ready to move back to Kansas City after living more than two decades in the area of Houston. Patricia’s brother, Gary Hunziker, noted that he got to know about the details of her sister’s death, but the details do not matter anymore because he has lost his beloved sister.

“We were shocked. But it does not matter the circumstances – the loss of a sister is what it is all about,” Hunziker said.

According to the same publication, Fitzgerald has been sent to Johnson County Jail. The actress was sent into custody after police explained that the people involved in such heinous crime have been identified, but the local authorities are still investigating the matter to gain more details.

Representative image AFP / Johannes EISELE