Marvel fans may be expecting a death in “Captain America: Civil War,” but they might not have seen this loss coming. While there are many rumors Captain America (Chris Evans) will actually die in the film, new photographs have indicated a different death.

Last week, on-set photos of a funeral scene leaked, and International Business Times speculated about who would die. More pictures appear to confirm our theory that Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) will be the unlucky character.

The funeral photos initially tipped us off to a death, but a close-up of the casket gave many more hints. In the pictures below, Captain America is shown as one of the pallbearers, so it’s assumed he must have been close to the person who died. Steve Rogers has plenty of friends in dangerous jobs at this point, but the flag on top of the casket is a huge clue.

An American flag is typically put over the coffin of someone who served in the military. Peggy Carter served alongside Cap in World War II, but she is actually British. While the flag is red, white and blue, the design doesn’t look like it could be an American flag. With a thick red stripe running down the center, however, it could easily be the Union Jack.

Sharon Carter/Agent 13 (Emily VanCamp) has also been seen on set. She is Peggy’s niece, so it would make sense for her to be there.

In addition, an image of a certain prop surfaced on the Web. There is a picture of a funeral program inscribed with Peggy’s name, along with the years “1921-2016.” We can’t track down the exact origin of this piece of evidence, so it isn’t clear whether it is real. Given the other evidence mentioned above, however, it certainly seems like it’s an actual prop.

Even Evans’ recent interactions with Atwell would also point to Peggy’s death. Last week, Atwell tweeted a fan-made photo of Steve and Peggy where she looked like a ghost hugging him. While it may have been a simple compliment, he may have been commenting because of the funeral scenes being filmed:

Peggy’s death would be very sad for Captain America, who was in love with her. However, it wouldn’t exactly be the most tragic loss. She is a 95-year-old woman with dementia, and she lived a long life with some exciting adventures. Also, Atwell wouldn’t lose her job. The actress’ television show “Marvel’s Agent Carter” was renewed for Season 2, so fans will still see plenty of Peggy Carter’s past, even if she’s killed in the future.

“Captain America: Civil War” is set to hit theaters May 6, 2016. Do you think Peggy will die or could all of this actually point to another death? Sound off in the comments section below!