A new report gives details about a funeral scene that is being filmed for “Captain America: Civil War.” The scene is said to be the “pivotal moment” in the movie and may even set the stage for future movies of the franchise. Meanwhile, photos from the production set have surfaced online. [Spoiler alert!]

Fans of the franchise have for long speculated about the death of Steve Rogers [Captain America's alter ego], based on the story in the comic books. A report by HeroicHeadlines states that a “funeral scene” will be filmed in Atlanta, for the upcoming Marvel movie and that the extras in the scene have been asked to wear formal solid black clothes for the scene.

The report also notes that the weather forecast for Tuesday is “cloudy” with “thunderstorms throughout the afternoon,” making it an ideal setting for a “grim funeral.” It is still unclear which character will die in the scene, but the report speculates that this might be Steve Rogers, who surrenders and later gets assassinated in the comic books.

This, however, may not mean the storyline of the hero will come to an end. Bucky Barnes is tipped to emerge as the new hero by the end of “Captain America: Civil War.” The report cites Sebastian Stan’s contractual obligation for nine Marvel movies, compared to Chris Evans’ six, as one indication about where the franchise is heading.

A few quotes from the movie directors Anthony and Joe Russo, included in the report, also suggests the emergence of Barnes as the new hero. The upcoming movie will supposedly seem like a continuation of the story of the Winter Soldier, the directors said.

Meanwhile, photos from the production sets in Atlanta have leaked online. The images, posted on ComicBook, show a “shanty town” or a “squatter area” full of small houses that are usually found in developing countries. The report speculates that the set has been built for a scene depicting a location in South Africa, where Ulysses Klaw kept his vibranium in “Avengers 2.”

“Captain America: Civil War” will continue the story from “Avengers 2.” The movie will introduce a few new villains and new heroes. The previous Marvel movie teased the presence of the fantasy African nation of Wakanda, and the upcoming movie will introduce a character called Black Panther, who is from the fictional nation of Wakanda.

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