A passenger was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight last week after he made a vodka joke while a flight was delayed.

This encounter occurred May 8 when a flight from Sacramento, California, to Austin, Texas, was prepping for takeoff. However, the plane was forced to delay takeoff after the maintenance light came on. The plane then returned to the gate to receive proper maintenance and be refueled.

“It’s minor but they want to go back to the gate and check it out and see,” passenger Peter Uzelac told FOX40 in Sacramento. Uzelac was present on the flight along with his wife.

Things took longer than expected and the plane kept delaying takeoff.

After a few hours had passed, the flight attendants started handing out water to the passengers. It was at this point that the passenger between Uzelac and his wife made a joke to a flight attendant.

“They should be passing out vodka because we’ve been waiting so long,” joked the passenger.

According to Uzelac, the young attendant didn’t take kindly to the joke.

“She came by and was like, ‘I don’t think that and I didn’t like your joke,’” Uzelac continued. He then explained that his wife tried to cut in, telling the flight attendant “Look it, we’ve been on this plane for hours.” The attendant then snapped back, saying, “well, so have I, so get used to it.”

The attendant then went back up front and got on the phone. The flight then pulled back up to the gate once more and several Sacramento sheriffs’ deputies came on the plane and escorted the passenger off the plane.

Several passengers stood up and started yelling in response to this, saying that the “man didn’t do anything.”

The passenger wasn’t charged with a crime and has filed a complaint against the flight attendant.