Although Marvel Studios won’t be the first to produce a superhero movie with a female lead, it’s certainly trying to make the best. Thanks to the addition of two very talented women writers, it looks like “Captain Marvel” will bring a much-needed female perspective to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was announced at Marvel’s meaty Phase 3 event in October that Captain Marvel would be the first comic book heroine brought to the big screen for her very own movie in 2018. Although DC Comics and Warner Bros. will release a standalone “Wonder Woman” movie in 2017, Marvel is aiming at quality over speed as it sculpts the future of the MCU.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has tapped two very different, but equally talented, writers to pen the script for its first female-led film. The first is Nicole Perlman, who is best known for co-writing the script to a little movie called “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Ever heard of it?

Time reported in July 2014 that Perlman also did some uncredited work on “Thor” in 2011 before co-writing the first draft of the “Guardians” script with director James Gunn. The article revealed that she’s always had a soft spot for science fiction stories, which is what made her gravitate toward the studio’s more cosmic characters. Currently she’s writing a comic book for Marvel based on the “Guardians” character Gamora (Zoe Saldana).

Joining Perlman will be the co-writer of Pixar’s coming “Inside Out,” Meg LeFauve. She’s a talented scribe whose credits include the hit indie drama “The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.” The hope is for her to bring some indie storytelling flair to the project while Perlman keeps it in tune with the studio’s other projects. While the duo have not worked as writing partners before, both impressed Feige so much that he decided to pair them on the “Captain Marvel” script.

The women are reportedly in final negotiations to write the movie, which has a November 2018 release date. If the studio hires them, they’ll have the task of bringing one of the universe’s most beloved characters to life. “Captain Marvel” is a hero that’s seen many different people take on his or her title. However, Marvel confirmed that the film version would be Carol Danvers. In the comics, Danvers is a scientist who crosses DNA with an alien. That gives her superpowers such as strength, flight and the ability to produce energy.

Perlman is a particularly potent choice to bring Danvers to life as her comic book counterpart is currently a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, according to Entertainment Weekly. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait three years to see what Perlman and LeFauve bring to the table.