The upcoming Marvel film “Captain Marvel” is being written by “Guardians of the Galaxy” scribe Nicole Perlman and Meg Fauve. Perlman spoke to Wired about the challenge of writing the first Marvel film lead by a female superhero. She and her co-writer want the film to be about a strong female superhero and are doing a lot of brainstorming before they finalize the script.

“We should just tell the best story and build the best character. And then we have this constant back-and-forth about how to tell a story that is compelling, entertaining, moving, … and fun, and also be aware of what those larger implications might be. It’s a lot more complicated than just writing 'Guardians',” Perlman said.

In the comics, Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel. She is born in Boston to a contractor father. She is a voracious reader and dreams of becoming an astronaut. She joins the Air Force and gets recruited in military intelligence. Her genetic structure gets altered when she goes on a mission for NASA, and she gets her powers after an encounter with the alien Kree Empire.

As Captain Marvel, her powers include flight, enhanced strength and the ability to shoot energy bursts from her hands. The character made her first appearance in “Marvel Super-Heroes” No. 13.

It has not yet revealed who will play the title role. The director of the film is also not finalized. The film is based on the comic book of same name by Gene Colan and Roy Thomas and is scheduled to open Oct. 26, 2018.