caran johnson
A woman who was following the police scanner about an accident on I-205 and live-tweeting about it later discovered it was her husband's car. Washington State Patrol

When Caran Johnson began live-tweeting about an accident she heard about on a highway near her home in Vancouver, Wash., she had no idea her husband was in the car.

Johnson, who regularly follows a local police scanner, heard about a crash on the I-205 on Wednesday afternoon. As she listened to the radio and learned more about the crash, she kept her followers updated on Twitter.

"this accident sounds horrible," she tweeted at 2:01 p.m. PT under the handle @ScanCouver.

As time passed, Johnson began to worry about her husband, who regularly uses the highway on his way home from work. Updating her followers, Johnson tweeted that her husband had left work early and was not answering his phone.

About 20 minutes later, Johnson’s panic escalates, revealing that her husband has epilepsy and may have had a seizure.

She resorts to calling 911, where an operator later tells her someone will call her back.

Roughly 50 minutes later, Johnson sends a tweet confirming her worst fear.

­­­According to police, Craig Johnson’s Honda was on the northbound I-205 when it crossed the grassy median and entered the southbound lanes, where it collided with a Toyota pickup truck. The driver of the pickup, a 50-year-old woman from Tacoma, was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for serious injuries. The cause of the collision is still under investigation, KGW reports.

Below is a complete list of the tweets Caran Johnson sent in real time as she learned of her husband’s death: