Like many people, rapper Cardi B is also baffled as to why some celebrities don't shower regularly.

The "WAP" rapper took to Twitter Tuesday to weigh in on the ongoing debate about how often should people bathe.

"Wassup with people saying they don't shower? It's giving itchy," she tweeted.

The tweet drew a lot of reactions, with many fans showing solidarity with the 28-year-old rapper and throwing shade at celebrities who don't shower daily.

"This IS IS The WORST discussion about showering I've seen. You should /and need to shower every day and that's It!!! Especially children (not only when they smell bad). We ARE human beings, not Animals. Even Animals ARE more clean than some humans [sic]," a fan wrote.

Another fan commented, "And some say they don't use soap OR wash their legs and feet."

The hygiene debate began after Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher revealed during a podcast guesting last month that they only wash their kids when they see dirt on them.

"I didn't have hot water growing up as a child, so I didn't shower much anyway," Kunis said.

Kutcher added, "I wash my armpits and my crotch daily, and nothing else ever. I got a bar of Lever 2000 that delivers every time."

Not long after, Kristen Bell said in an interview that she likes to "wait for the stink" before washing her children.

Last week, "Brokeback Mountain" star Jake Gyllenhaal also contributed to the discussion by saying he is not a huge fan of showering regularly.

The 40-year-old actor told Vanity Fair, "More and more I find bathing to be less necessary, at times. I do believe because Elvis Costello is wonderful, that good manners and bad breath get you nowhere. So I do that. But I do also think that there’s a whole world of not bathing that is also really helpful for skin maintenance, and we naturally clean ourselves."

Despite the number of celebrities coming forward with their sentiments against showering on a regular basis, there are still those who believe it should be done daily, if not multiple times per day.

One of them is Jason Mamoa, who assured his fans in a recent interview that he showers daily and he has no problem with it because he is Aquaman.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson also responded to a fan's question about his hygiene by tweeting about how often he showers every day.

All press has been good press for the raunchy "WAP" from rapper Cardi B, shown here at Paris Fashion Week in 2019
All press has been good press for the raunchy "WAP" from rapper Cardi B, shown here at Paris Fashion Week in 2019 AFP / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT