• Cardi B appeared in Normani's latest music video
  • The rapper also appeared in "Fast & Furious 9"
  • She shares a daughter, Kulture, with her husband Offset

Cardi B will not have a baby shower to welcome baby No. 2 and instead, she threw a huge birthday party for her daughter, Kulture.

The 28-year-old rapper appeared on social audio platform Stationhead on Thursday and said she won't have a baby shower for her second baby.

"I'm not having a baby shower," Cardi B explained. "That's why I did Kulture's birthday really, really big. I just get overwhelmed when I do these big birthdays and I just feel like the baby shower with Kulture's birthday is just too close. Just to see the same people over again, and it's like, not doing it."

The rapper and Offset celebrated their daughter's third birthday on July 10 and spared no expense. The lavish birthday party was based on a Disney Princess theme. Cardi B shared the photos of the celebration on her Instagram.

Cardi B also spoke about how she felt the pregnancy symptoms and confirmed the news to her husband. "I think I'm pregnant, Bro," Cardi B recalled laughing as she informed Offset. "Lord, we have so much to do!"

The rapper learned about her pregnancy two weeks before her 2021 Grammy Awards performance in March. She said she felt nauseous during the rehearsals with Megan Thee Stallion. The "Wild Side" star announced her pregnancy during the 2021 BET Awards in Los Angeles.

Before making the announcement, Cardi B took a short break from social media.

"People put me through a lot of s--t during Kulture's pregnancy, a lot of lies were made about me... a lot of narratives. I was in Atlanta while Offset was touring and I didn't have any family," she explained. "This pregnancy, I didn't want to remember any bad things, so I just took a break, got close to my family, had fun and enjoyed myself."

"There is something so dear about this pregnancy, and I feel like I’m starting a new chapter and I’m happy about that," Cardi B added.

The singer was featured in Normani's newly dropped music video, titled "Wild Side." She also appeared in "Fast & Furious 9" as Leysa.

All press has been good press for the raunchy "WAP" from rapper Cardi B, shown here at Paris Fashion Week in 2019
All press has been good press for the raunchy "WAP" from rapper Cardi B, shown here at Paris Fashion Week in 2019 AFP / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT