The caretaker of an elderly woman was arrested in Texas on Tuesday after she was caught on camera abusing the woman.

Merry West Teno, the daughter of the 93-year-old woman, set up hidden cameras at her mother’s nursing home after the elderly woman told her that someone was hurting her.

Speaking to ABC 13, Teno said that in one of the videos, the caretaker, identified as Tracy Thompson, was seen putting feces in the elderly woman’s mouth. Thompson was seen verbally abusing and physically hurting the woman and laughing about it.

Describing the video, Teno said, "It was so many different things that happened from her putting my mom's feces in her mouth to her taking her leg and bending it all the way up as far as she could toward her face.”

"I'm having a hard time watching it ... things that was done to my mother," Teno added.

She showed the videos to the nursing home following which the caretaker was fired. Teno then filed a police complaint. Following an investigation, Thompson was arrested and charged with “injury to the elderly” Tuesday.

“I pray that she stays put away for a long time, somewhere where she doesn't have to be bothered with any human being,” Teno said. Meanwhile, the caretaker has since been bonded out and was scheduled to appear in court Feb. 13.

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