The body of an 83-year-old Sacramento woman was found in a canal Sunday evening, five days after she went missing from near her home.

Carole Matsui had wandered away from her Vintage Park area home near Elk Grove-Florin Road on Wednesday.

A search operation was launched, which ended when her body was discovered by a local resident passing through the 7800-block of Iona Way.

Her son Roger Matsui told FOX40 that the body was found in a canal near Iona Way and Elsie Avenue. Sacramento Police Detective Eddie Macaulay said authorities did not discover any immediate signs of foul play. Matsui's cause of death remains unknown.

Matsui's family and friends made several efforts to find her in the last five days by combing through the county.

“We probably got over a thousand flyers out there,” Roger said.

They searched most of Elk Grove and as far as McClellan Air-Force Base, hoping to find Matsui, who was last seen wearing a red jacket.

“I’m driving back and forth down the streets going this way and that way, two or three miles each way, and I keep going but there’s no luck,” Roger earlier told local media.

Linda Callaway, who joined the search, used her trained dogs to search for the elderly woman. Her dogs have reportedly helped in dozens of searches over the years and have recovered several bodies.

On Sunday, Callaway had them smell a pair of Matsui’s shoes after the family received a tip that Matsui was spotted near the Golden One Credit Union, off Calvine Road.

This was the third time Matsui had wandered off from her home, but her son was always lucky to find her but not this time.

Matsui’s son was devastated by the discovery of the body but said he was thankfully to everyone who helped search for his mother.