Caroline Berg Ericksen
Caroline Berg Ericksen faced backlash in the media after posting this photo Instagram

More and more women are quick to show off their post-baby bodies just months after giving birth, leaving the impression that losing the baby weight is simple. Fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen is the latest mother to post a selfie in lingerie on Instagram, revealing a toned mid-section and thin thighs, a shocking four days after having a child.

The photo got more than 20,000 likes after she revealed it to her 256,000 Instagram followers.

Media reactions to the photo were mixed, yet most of the 2,000 people who commented on it had nothing but positive things to say about Eriksen, who is married to pro soccer player Lars-Kristian Eriksen.

Eriksen faced media backlash, with one Australian blogger stating: “This whole situation has become ludicrous. The competition for women to give birth and then immediately remove any trace from their bodies that they ever carried a child is OBSCENE. There is no other word for it."

Along with the picture, Ericksen wrote, “"I feel so empty … 4 days after birth,” Her followers were mostly supportive. “@Itsjustdoug34” wrote, “I think the backlash you’re getting from this pic is stupid. You have the right to take care of your body. That doesn’t make you less of a mother. I wish people would grow up. If you don’t like the way you look, don’t bash others [sic].”

“Congratulations on your new baby and on getting your pre-baby body back. Pay no attention to the negative comments … you should be proud of both,” said “@aldavilla1.”

“@blueknight1991” wrote, “Sorry for all the controversy, I see nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. Some people are always just going to hate what they can never be … You keep doing you!!”

Pregnancy and dealing with body image has always been tricky for women, as being thin is seen as the “ideal” beauty standard in our society. However, after gaining weight for nine months to bring life into the world, body size should not really be one’s primary concern. Yet, now more than ever, sharing one's body photos via “selfies” and on social media has become a way of gaining acceptance and self-worth in cyberspace.

Celebrities have engaged in the practice as well, whether through posting a selfie or covering a fitness magazine shortly after giving birth, with no signs of having ever gained weight. Kim Kardashian famously posted a photo of her pert derriere just months after giving birth to North West this year, and her newest friend, Blac Chyna, posted a photo of herself in her underwear shortly after giving birth to her son with rapper Tyga.

But the truth is that new mothers are supposed to take their time while losing the weight, as it is much healthier for their bodies. Before starting any exercise program after having a child, women should get permission from their doctors. They usually recommend waiting six to eight weeks post-partum. In addition, most new mothers are too busy focusing on the latest additions to their family to head to the gym for hours every day.

What do you think of Eriksen's photo? Is she sending the wrong impression to new mothers or is it now an expectation that women get their bodies back quickly?