Towing Company
Casey’s mother Cindy testified about getting a notice from the car towing company in regards to Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire being abandoned. Simon Birch, the tow company manager, along with Cindy and Casey’s father George all testified about the strong and unique odor of decomposition coming from the car. There was also Caylee’s doll in the backseat and backpack in the trunk of the car. REUTERS

A Florida jury determined on Tuesday that Casey Anthony was not guilty of murdering her 2-year old daughter Caylee.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Have you reached a verdict?” asked Judge Belvin Perry Jr. in live video from the court room.

“Yes, sir,” various jurors said.

“Would you hand the verdict to the court, deputy please,” Perry said.

Perry then received several pages of documents and flipped through them as Casey sat in the court room, at times breathing heavily.

“Would the defendant rise along with counsel?” Perry said. “Madame clerk, you may publish the verdicts.”

The clerk noted the court’s venue as being the Circuit Court for the Ninth Judicial Circuit in and for Orange County, Florida. She also noted the name of the case, The State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony.

The clerk read the decision for the charge of first degree murder.

“We, the jury find the defendant not guilty. So say we all,” the clerk read.

Upon hearing the decision, Anthony’s stern expression changed to what appeared to be anguish, and sobs, followed by slightly heavier breathing as she held the hands of her defense attorneys.

She gave a similar expressions after being found “not guilty” for the charge of “aggravated child abuse,” and “aggravated manslaughter of a child.”

The following are the conclusions of the jury for the remaining 4 counts.

- Providing false information to a law enforcement officer (Count 4) – Guilty
- Providing false information to a law enforcement officer (Count 5) – Guilty
- Providing false information to a law enforcement officer (Count 6) – Guilty
- Providing false information to a law enforcement officer (Count 7) – Guilty

After the clerk asked each of the 12 jurors if the what had just been said “were you true and correct verdicts,” and after each answered “yes,” Anthony showed a slight grin and cried as she hugged her defense attorney Jose Baez.

Perry then called Anthony and her attorney to a podium in the courtroom. He reiterated the counts and the verdicts and said she would be fingerprinted for the convictions as she was escorted to a room outside the view of cameras.

Judge Perry, after asking attorneys on the prosecution and defense sides, said he would set sentencing for Thursday at 9:00 a.m.