Ten years following the death of her daughter Caylee, Casey Anthony may have let Mother’s Day pass without any special plans for the occasion. With a tense relationship with her mother, Anthony didn’t have much to celebrate this year.

Anthony was acquitted in the murder of her two-year-old daughter in 2011 but served time for lying to police. The high-profile case caused tension between her family and her relationship with her mother has been reportedly fractured as a result.

“Casey doesn’t have much of a relationship with her own mother,” a source that has contact with Anthony told People. “And she hasn’t been a mother herself for more than 10 years. So what is there really for her to do on Mother’s Day? The day just doesn’t mean anything to her at all. It’s nothing special.”

Anthony also didn’t make plans to commemorate her daughter on that day as the news outlet source said, “Mother’s Day is just another day for Casey. She hasn’t done anything special to celebrate it for years.”

Anthony has been maintaining a low profile and is currently living in Florida with one of the private investigators that worked on her case. There is not clear if the relationship is romantic or not.