The same night of her 2012 arrest, Catalina Clouser's boyfriend and the father of her child, Micheal Pena, was arrested earlier that night for driving under the influence with the couple's child in the car. He was charged with aggravated DUI. Reuters

An Arizona mother was sentenced Tuesday to 16 years of probation for driving with her baby on the roof of her car.

Catalina Clouser, 21, pleaded guilty to child abuse and DUI for the 2012 incident, reports Phoenix’s KPHO. Clouser, 19 at the time, made a trip to a friend’s Phoenix home to smoke marijuana. Once she arrived, she became upset with her boyfriend and the child’s father, Manuel Pena, and left the home. Pena, then 19, had been arrested earlier the same night for driving under the influence while the baby was in the car.

As she prepared to leave, Clouser placed her 2-month-old baby on the roof of her car. She ended up driving 12 miles before noticed her child wasn’t inside the car.

Another driver discovered the baby, unhurt, in the middle of the highway, sitting in the car seat. Clouser was arrested after she returned to the scene, with police saying they detected signs of impairment as they spoke to her. According to KPHO, Clouser initially pleaded not guilty to the charges. But her plea was later revised.