The memorial site of Caylee Anthony – the two-year-old whose skeletal remains were found on Dec. 11, 2008, around five months after she was reported missing by her mother, Casey Anthony – near a swamp in Orlando, Florida, was no longer visited by her family, according to a report.

Walter and Jeanine Goodnough, who live in Sarasota, Florida, have visited the site multiple times in the past to pay their respects to the toddler, whose controversial death made headlines around the nation 10 years ago and made the victim’s mother prime suspect subjected to a highly televised trial, told Radar Online that memorial site was allegedly a “mess.”

“There’s about three or four inches of water near where Caylee’s body was found,” Walter said. The couple further added that even they decided against visiting the site anymore because every time they left giant crosses bearing Caylee’s name at the site, the crosses would always go missing.

So, on the 10th anniversary of the toddler’s remains being discovered, the couple decided to honor her “from afar.” “We are not going to Orlando. It’s just a waste of time,” said Walter. “We hope that God will get everyone involved with her death in the end. Rest in peace Caylee.”

Caylee Anthony People look on at the Caylee Anthony memorial that has been placed in the area where the 2-year-old child remains were found in Orlando, Florida, July 17, 2011. Photo: Getty Images/ Joe Raedle

Since Radar Online provided no updated photos of the memorial site to back up the claims of the Goodnoughs, there was no way to tell if there was any truth to their statements. International Business Times was unable to independently verify the claims made in the report.

A source close to Caylee’s grandparents, however, told People magazine that while they have not spoken to their daughter, they were still haunted by the memories of their granddaughter’s death.

“George and Cindy Anthony think about Caylee every day,” the source said. “December 11 was the worst day of their life. It shook them and destroyed them, and they’ve spent the last 10 years trying to rebuild from that — and haven’t had a lot of success.”

The insider added: “They will never be the same. They cry about her all the time, and today will be a very sad day for them. They are haunted by her death. Every day is questioning what could have been, what would have been. It’s really sad.”

Although the site where Caylee’s remains were discovered, was just a few minutes away from Cindy and George’s house, the couple was out of Florida when the police found the toddler’s bones.

“They were out of Florida on the day they got the news, and they were still operating under the assumption that Caylee was still alive out there,” the source said. “When they learned about it, Cindy almost passed out. She was distraught and just started to scream. George was sobbing. They were absolutely devastated.”

Casey was controversially acquitted in 2011, following a murder trial that lasted for six weeks.