Now that Donald Trump is officially out as the host of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’s the man that will replace him in the infamous boardroom. Now, the only question that remains is: what will his catch phrase be?

When a contestant is voted off the show, Trump made a name for himself with the popular catchphrase: “You’re fired.” Now, Schwarzenegger finds himself at a crossroads as he’ll be forced to decide if the “you’re fired” phrase belongs to Donald or the show. According to TMZ, the actor was toying with potential one-liners to deliver to those outed from the boardroom on Snapchat, soon after landing the hosting job.

“I cannot wait to say ‘you’re fired’ or, ‘you’re terminated,” or, ‘you won’t be back,’” the 68-year-old former governor says in the video below.

Like many who heard that the actor would be taking on the role of reality show business mogul, Schwarzenegger is interested in perhaps adapting one of his famous movie quotes into a sendoff to those that he deems unworthy of the title of “Apprentice.” 

While Schwarzenegger had a few pitches for his “you’re fired” line, late night host Conan O’Brien came up with a few more potential phrases during his opening monologue on Monday night. Each one incorporated one of the “Terminator Genisys” actor’s previous movies.

“Hasta la vista baby,” “You’re Expendable,” You’ve been Totally Recalled,” “I Commando you to leave,” “You’re out of the Running, Man” and “Why don’t you Jingle All the Way to the unemployment line?” were just a few of the late-night host’s pitches, (all of which, frankly, would work wonderfully). 

Luckily for Schwarzenegger, he’s got a little time before he has to lock down a catchphrase. After NBC cut its ties with presidential candidate Trump, it announced that “Celebrity Apprentice” won’t return for Season 15 until the 2016-2017 TV season.

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