Omarosa Manigault
Omarosa Manigault wants to focus on being a wife to her husband now that she is out of the “Celebrity Big Brother” house. Pictured: Manigault listens as Martin Luther King III speaks to the media after meeting with the President-elect at Trump Tower in New York City on Jan. 16, 2017. DOMINICK REUTER/AFP/Getty Images

Omarosa Manigualt may not have won “Celebrity Big Brother,” but the former White House staff became the talk of the town – and perhaps, even the world.

During her stay in the house, she shared several never before heard secrets about Donald Trump’s presidency. Manigault also made sure to play an honest game so that her fellow houseguests could get to know her better.

After almost 30 days in the house, Manigault told US Weekly that she plans to reconnect with her family, most especially her husband, John Allen Newman. The two just got married in November.

“I was away from my husband for a month. And so I think I’m just going to spend as much time with my family and try to walk the beach and just enjoy life. Just normal life on the outside,” she said.

Manigault also opened up about the viewers’ reaction after she got out of the house. She was welcomed with a warm round of applause, and she also made headlines. It appears as though everyone fell in love with the version of Manigault they saw in “Celebrity Big Brother.” Even host Julie Chen said that she was amazed by the former communications head

“I knew that viewers would connect with me because one, I’m a huge Big Brother super fan. And I knew that they would appreciate that I love, love this show. But more importantly, I love the game play. And so the fans of the show I knew would appreciate that I knew all the inner workings and I was being true to the essence and spirit of ‘Big Brother,’” she said.

Meanwhile, “Celebrity Big Brother” winner Marissa Jaret Winokur also talked about her shocking win on Sunday. She said that she really wanted to take Ross Mathews with her to the final two even if it meant losing to him. Luckily, the houseguests voted in favor of her, so she was the one that brought home the $250,000 grand prize.