Wayzn is bringing smart home products to man's best friend Wayzn


  • Wayzn has created an automated dog door that doesn't require any installation
  • The Wayzn has three ways of interaction: through an app, via voice commands and with a motion sensor
  • Pre-orders for Wayzn are available right now for $399

CES 2021 showed the world innovations with smart doors for humans, but what about dogs? Don’t worry, our four-legged friends are covered as well with Wayzn. Wayzn is a smart dog door system that can turn any sliding glass door into a convenient and automated way for your dog to get in and out of the house.


Wayzn is a system that can be installed into many different sliding doors and automatically opens and closes the door in a number of ways. The first is via the Wayzn app. This app connects to the Wayzn device and can tell the device to open and close. This can be done from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This method also serves as a convenient security measure if you happen to forget or lose your keys.

An installed Wayzn device in a sliding glass door frame Wayzn

The second way is through motion detection. The Wayzn has a motion sensor and will send an alert to the app when a pet triggers the sensor. The Wayzn device can also be set up to open and close when the motion sensor is triggered, allowing your pet the freedom to come and go without any hassle.

The motion sensor is built right into the Wayzn unit Wayzn

The third way to have Wayzn open and close your door is via Amazon Alexa or Google’s smart assistant. Simply ask the virtual assistant to open the door and you are set. Speaking of smart devices, the Wayzn app can support other devices like the Nest camera to integrate a video feed right into Wayzn. This gives owners the ability to look outside first before opening the door for their pets.

When not opening a door, the Wayzn serves as a door jam. This means the sliding door will be blocked shut, keeping the house safe from any potential intruders. However, if you want the sliding door to be used freely, the Wayzn can be folded up against the door frame with ease.

The installation appears to be very simple and doesn’t look like it requires any tools. The main portion of the Wayzn that contains the motor and motion sensor is placed against the frame of the door while a second portion is attached to the door itself with strong adhesive. The first portion also contains an electrical plug to power the Wayzn. The second portion is then attached to a rod that retracts to open the door and extends back to close the door again. This setup leaves no permanent damage on doors and can be disassembled and reassembled with ease.

To ensure that any potential customer’s door will support the Wayzn, the product’s website asks users a series of questions before it is even possible to get to the order page. These include questions such as how big a person’s door is, how wide it can open, and if the fixed panel of the door is on the inside or outside. Only those that meet the requirements for the Wayzn will be able to put in an order.

The Wayzn isn’t available just yet but should begin shipping later this month. Wayzn models are available for pre-order on the Wayzn website and start at $399, with a flat-rate shipping fee of $15.