The Legion Pro 7i
The Legion Pro 7i Lenovo


  • The new Legion laptops feature AI-tuned system performance
  • The AI automatically controls system parameters like fan speeds and heat regulators
  • The laptops will become available by March and April

Legion, Lenovo's line of gaming laptops, is getting two new models that will feature the company's first attempt at using machine learning to fine-tune system performance while under the strain of playing today's video games.

The company announced at CES 2023 that it would launch the Legion Pro 7 and Pro 5 models, along with their respective 7i and 5i variants. The laptops will come with Lenovo's LA AI Chip, which the company claims to be the world's first dedicated AI chip installed on gaming laptops.

The chip powers the Lenovo AI Engine+, which uses a software machine learning algorithm to tune the performance of compatible systems for maximum performance.

It's unclear how much of a boost this AI provides. Reportedly, one of its functions is to monitor GPU and CPU load so it can make heat management adjustments on-the-fly. This should let gamers get more out of their internal hardware compared to other systems that don't have an AI to make dynamic changes.

The Lenovo Legion Pro 5i
The Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Lenovo

The AI can be further optimized by users through the Lenovo Vantage software, giving them full control over fans, overclock controls and other similar hardware settings.

Spec-wise, the difference between the Pro 7 and Pro 5 is minimal. They both have the option to come with 13th-gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 7000-series processors, though the Pro 7 may have the edge in terms of GPU selection.

The company lists the Pro 7 as having the option to come equipped with the latest NVIDIA RTX 40-series laptop GPUs. Meanwhile, the Pro 5 caps at the RTX 4070 model.

Both models use Lenovo's 16:10 WQXGA Pure Sight Gaming Display monitors with refresh rates that reach up to 240Hz, allowing for superb picture quality without compromising on-screen clarity during fast-paced gaming moments.

The Pro 7 does win in terms of operating longevity and cooling. It has a 99.99Whr battery — slightly bigger than the Pro 5's 80Whr variant. Both use Lenovo's Super Rapid Charging design, so users should be able to bring the laptops anywhere without worrying about too much downtime.

The Legion Pro 7i will become available starting March 2023, while the rest of the variants will release by April.

A Gen 7 Lenovo Legion Pro 7i
A Gen 7 Lenovo Legion Pro 7i Lenovo