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Johnny Bananas and Cara Maria were eliminated on Tuesday’s “The Challenge.” MTV

Last week’s “The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions” ended on a cliffhanger and Tuesday’s installment revealed the fate of record-holding champion competitors Johnny Bananas and Darrell.

Episode 10 begins with Darrell one point ahead of Johnny, who says he wants to win not only to stay in the game but to have “bragging rights.” However, when Johnny fails to get in one ball during the “Balls In” competition, MTV host TJ Lavin announces Darrell as the winner.

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“It’s just crazy that this entire elimination was determined by one point,” Johnny says. “I can’t give enough credit to Darrell, that guy is an absolutely load. I brought my best but today my best was enough.”

When it comes time for the girls’ elimination challenge, Laurel and Cara Maria go head-to-head. Laurel scores first and in the final round, makes a second basket, therefore sending Cara packing. Cara says it is hard to compete against her friend and Laurel says it is difficult to celebrate her win.

While episode 10 was the underdogs’ turn for an elimination, Lavin reveals to the cast on challenge day that the event is just a “money grab.” The aquatic timed event, worth $30K up from the usual 25K, ultimately went to the Underdog team’s bank account, giving them a shared $55K. In place of an elimination, TJ gifts the house a party, but not everyone was convinced it is all in good fun.

Back at the house, CT remarks that he feels uneasy as they’ve never canceled an elimination before. “I feel like its the beginning of a scary movie. I almost want to wear my uniform. It’s just kind of spooky” he says.

When TJ does eventually show up to the party, he drops a bombshell on the cast. With so many more underdogs left than champions, he reveals it is time for some of them to go home.

“All I know is there is way too many underdogs. Way too many,” TJ says, calling the event a going away party of sorts. TJ continues by informing all of the underdogs to pack their bags for the next challenge, saying, “This is going to be an underdog bloodbath.”

“The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.