devin walker
Devin Walker hopes to dominate with partner Rashida Beach on MTV’s “Are You the One: Second Chances.” MTV

Devin Walker isn’t new to MTV challenges. Going into Season 1 of the network’s dating spin-off series “Are You the One: Second Chances,” the reality veteran already has a win under his belt. Not only did his coin flip result in his cast’s Season 3 win on “Are You the One?”, he also placed third on last summer’s “The Challenge.” Now, he’s headed back for another adventure.

Ahead of the premiere of MTV’s “Second Chances” on Wednesday, which puts former “AYTO?” couples through relationship-esque challenges, Devin spoke to International Business Times about the new show, why he thinks he’s already a winner and how his partner, confirmed perfect match Rashida Beach, compares to his “Challenge” teammate Cheyenne Floyd.

“I always feel like I have a leg up in any competition I put myself in, if that’s not your mindset heading into a battle you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage,” Devin told IBT.

“I came into this competition knowing I’m the smartest person in the history of ‘AYTO?’ and in much better physical condition than either of my previous shows. Combine that with a partner that is an absolute BOSS and you’ve got a recipe for complete and utter dominance.”

After earning a spot in the coveted “Challenge” finals in 2016, Devin said he took the chance to take part in another MTV competition seriously, especially with the possibility of winning first-place on the line. “It’s rare that you get a second chance in life and I intend on making the most of it. I’m a year smarter, stronger, and more calculated, that makes me a nightmare for the other competitors in this game,” he said.

“The only thing I hate more than losing is not winning, and although I was super proud of Team Princess for being the first ‘AYTO?’ team to complete a final, I wanted to win.”

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While other “Second Chances” couples can be seen flirting in the Season 1 teaser, Devin says he and Rashida, whom he calls supportive, “a lifetime athlete” and one of his soulmates, are more focused on the competition.

“Our ability to block out drama and compete at a high level no matter what is going on in the house is one of our biggest strengths. Our ability to do so separates us from most of the other teams in this competition and give us a massive advantage,” Devin hinted.

While Devin and Rashida may be the team to beat this season, he confirms their relationship did not turn romantic, saying, “I have a TON of love for Rashida but for right now I think we offer each other the most as friends.”

Meet the 10 “Are You the One: Second Chances” couples here and check out the premiere episode Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.