“The Challenge: Rivals 3” cast has officially made it to the halfway point, which means the remaining competitors are out for blood. In episode 9 of the MTV series viewers will watch as the house creates an alliance to go up against Johnny Bananas and his cousin Vince.

The sneak peek of Wednesday’s installment shows Wes, Johnny’s longtime rival, leading the conversation. He tells his fellow co-stars they need to get Johnny and Vince out, or risk facing both of them in a final.

“We can’t just sit by and let it happen. We need to make sure everyone understands if we don’t get rid of one of them, no one stands a shot at winning,” he says.

Dario agrees with Wes, telling the cameras that Johnny and Vince, as well as their partners, are two strong teams that no one wants to go up against. He says throwing them into the jungle to fight to stay in the game each week is the only way to keep themselves safe.

“Bananas and Sarah, Vince and Jenna are two teams you don’t want to see in a final,” Dario says. “The only way to disrupt that from happening is to put them in every single time hoping one jungle they mess up.”

Wes continues by telling KellyAnne and Jamie, who are a team, they need to get everyone else on the same page as them. KellyAnne then reveals Johnny wants to get rid of Wes, and she understands why. “I’m here to win,” Wes explains.

Watch the sneak peek below:

The synopsis for episode 9, “Let Sleeping Dogs Wake,” teases the all-night challenge in episode 8 may cause some of the contention in the house. The summary reveals the “sleep deprived” and “mentally broken” cast will “divide as teams band together to plot against others.”

It shouldn’t come as a shock to viewers that the house is gunning for Johnny. The “Challenge” veteran recently teased to International Business Times that “Rivals 3” was one of his most intense experiences on the show to date. “The second half of the season really is when the rubber meets the road,” Johnny told IBT. “What happens at the end of this season is unlike anything that they’ve ever done. Hands down.”

Watch the trailer for the second half of Season 28 of  “The Challenge” above and don’t forget to tune in for episode 9 Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.