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“The Challenge” star Camila Nakagawa made racist comments towards co-star Leroy Garrett on the latest episode. MTV

After a shocking hookup with her taken “The Challenge” co-star Tony Raines in last week’s episode of the MTV docuseries, Camila Nakagawa continued to be the center of attention on Tuesday’s installment of “Dirty 30.”

The episode started with Camila and Tony, as well as the rest of the contestants, arriving back at their home in Cartagena, Colombia after a night of drinking and partying. Trouble for Camila continued when she went to her room and overheard co-star Leroy Garrett asking the other players “who’s going to take her out.” Camila though he was talking about her and confronted Leroy to finish his comments, but he refused to entertain her in her state. What ensued was a slur of racial comments from Camila about Leroy.

During the episode’s premiere, MTV announced that next week’s episode of “The Challenge” would follow with an after-show iscussing Camila’s actions. “The Challenge” cast members have also since taken to social media to react to Camila’s wrongdoing, including the “Challenge” vet herself.

“I am deeply sorry for how I treated Leroy and take full responsibility for my actions,” Camila posted to Twitter on Tuesday. “From the bottom of my heart, I meant no disrespect and I wish I could take back every word I said.”

“The last thing I would EVER want to do is put anyone in a box based on skin colors,” she added. “I have a deep love for humanity and sincerely regret my reckless words and abhorrent behavior. Moving forward, I am 100 percent committed to never letting anything like this happen again.”

Camila also released a longer apology to her Instagram account, posted below.


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Like Camila, members of “The Challenge” have also spoken out following the episode. “Funny how @CamilaMTV is so quick to jump on social media and apologize to strangers but is yet to reach out to me directly,” Leroy tweeted Wednesday.

Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, Leroy’s alliance member and longtime friend, also reacted to the event. In the episode, Johnny threw a pillow at Camila after she made the racist comment towards Leroy, an action which he still stands by.

“You don’t even need to ask bro. I got you,” Johnny tweeted alongside a photo of the altercation, going on to applaud Leroy for having “pure class” during the event.

“In the face of the incendiary, and disgusting comments that were spewed in his direction, my man Leroy handled himself class, and dignity,” Johnny also posted to Instagram. “The self restraint he displayed tonight speaks volumes of the quality of his character, and is a testament to why I am proud to not only call him a friend but a brother. Luh you Lee.”

Tony Raines, who also witnessed the altercation, applauded Leroy’s lack of reaction to Camila. “We can learn a lot from the way [Leroy] handled himself,” Tony tweeted. “I’m taking notes thank u for setting a great example.”

And while “The Challenge” host TJ Lavin hasn’t responded to the events outside of the show, he did retweet one fan’s post about Camila’s apology. The tweet in question stated Camila “should definitely be held accountable for her actions.”

Camila’s public apology is her second this month. After her steamy scene with Tony, who was in a relationship during filming, was released on the Sept. 5 installment, she issued a statement the following day.

“The best apology is changed behavior,” she posted to Instagram. “I could sit here and apologize for all of my countless mistakes I’ve made in my personal life, MTV career, tonight’s episode, next weeks episode, mistakes I’ve made a year ago, mistakes I’ll make tomorrow, the day after... this could go on and on and on and on. However, even though I am truly sorry for all of those mistakes I have made in my life, and nothing justifies them, I am the only one to blame for my own actions- I believe it is my responsibility to not just apologize but to actually make a change.”

She continued, “It is my responsibility as a human being to put forward the effort, improve and become the best version of myself I can possibly be. A lot of people are saying I need to own up to my mistakes, and I agree, but I also believe I have to do more than that, and as hard as it may be, I want to give everything I got left in me for this purpose. Failure is inevitable, but instead of allowing my failures to own me, completely bring me down and break me I want to learn how to actually make affective changes in my behavior, patterns, life. I fully understand my actions don’t only impact me but those around me as well, & I refuse to let my weak moments own me and take away from all of the good I hope to bring to the world any longer. I don’t claim to be perfect now, nor aim to be perfect ever, but I do believe that with courage, strength, determination, love & support from those around me, I CAN and I WILL become a better me, not just for myself but for the world around me.”

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While it has not yet been revealed who will win “The Challenge: Dirty 30,” spoilers indicate Camila did make it to the final three. This rumor was refueled my MTV's fall lineup promo.