Actor Charlie Sheen arrives for the taping of the television show "The Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen" at Sony studios in Culver City, California
Charlie Sheen had a big "Oops" moment last Thursday when he accidently gave his private phone number publically on Twitter intended for Justin Bieber. Reuters

Going in, you knew there would be blood.

While there's usually only metaphorical spillage, with Steve-O on the dais at Comedy Central's roast of Charlie Sheen, we shouldn't have been surprised by the real blood on Saturday night.

After trying to give himself a black eye by sprinting in to Mike Tyson's fist (several times), the Jackass star was bleeding out of his nose backstage.

The story of how my nose got that way will never get old, Steve-O told me as he ended his night icing his face on the steps of his trailer.

Below, other secret moments you won't be seeing on TV when the roast airs on Monday, September 19 at 10:00 p.m.:

Comedy Central execs approached Sheen and his management team not just with an offer, but with the entire Crazy Train marketing plan. It included Sheen starring in multiple on-air promos as a conductor, and on Saturday night, Slash serenaded Sheen's entrance with the Ozzy Osbourne classic. Though the guitarist was announced only in the past few days, he had been locked in for long time.

That Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre subsequently decided to kill off Sheen's character in a death by train accident? That was pure luck, a Comedy Central exec told TheWrap.

Nearby, Doug Herzog (president, MTV Networks Entertainment Group) wasn't nervous at all about how they're going to cut the three-hour raunch-fest with multiple N-word, C-Word, and even K-word references.

People always ask us, 'I can only imagine what you cut out.' We always tell them: 'The not funny stuff. Everything funny goes in.

Sponsors Axe body spray and EA's FIFA Soccer 12 sponsored the show.

We had to be sensitive on bringing in an alcohol sponsor for the event featuring the newly sober Sheen, an exec said after the show. The network also shied away from frequent Comedy Central sponsors like Captain Morgan and Corona for its roast of David Hasselhoff last year.

If advertisers have read any paragraph about any previous Comedy Central roast, they know what they're signing up for, Ad Age's Andrew Hampp said at the Greek Garden of Goddesses after party behind Stage 22.

Comedian and Comedy Central Roast regular Jeffrey Ross said that there was no shortage of comics, friends and associates calling in to get on the stage.

He said they turned away at least 30 self-pitches.

In the ruins of the Parthenon pre-show VIP cocktail area, Girls Gone Wild founder and frequent criminal defendant Joe Francis approached Duane Chapman (aka Dog the Bounty Hunter): I never got to thank you, he said, apparently referencing Dog's public offer to co-sign Francis' bail bond during an incarceration back in 2007.

A skinny Mike Tyson was the first to stroll in off the white carpet, followed by attending talent like Kristin Cavallari (now on Dancing with the Stars), Maria Menounos, and Ron Jeremy, who said he's worked professionally with retired goddess Bree Olson.