Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska's ex Adam Lind reportedly left the mother of his second child, Taylor Halbur, after Paislee was born. MTV

It looks like Adam Lind may never change. He couldn’t make things work with “Teen Mom 2” star Chelsea Houska after their daughter Aubree was born, and apparently he’s also left his longtime girlfriend Taylor Halbur behind after she gave birth to their daughter Paislee Lind, Radar Online reports.

Season 5 of “TM2” showed Houska struggling with Halbur’s pregnancy. She was afraid that her daughter would want to abandon their home life to go live with her father and future half-sister. But it appears Houska, 22, didn’t have anything to worry about.

“I don’t know who dumped who,” an insider told Radar Online. “Adam says he dumped her.”

“The breakup happened like a week or two ago,” the source said. “Adam moved out."

Even though it’s not certain why the two broke up, Lind is reportedly blaming the mother of his second child for the split. “He said he dumped her because she didn’t stop drinking,” the source said.

Alcohol is reportedly a hot topic for the couple. Lind isn’t allowed to drink after his fiery car crash in February 2014, which left him with an ankle monitor that he is still wearing. He was charged with reckless driving and four other charges, Radar Online revealed.

“She promised to stop drinking because he can’t drink with his ankle monitor on, and then she didn’t live up to her word,” the insider said about Halbur. “She kept drinking and going out.”

It seems to be a typical case of he-said, she-said. Some have blamed Lind for the breakup: “I’ve also heard she dumped him because he’s still the same immature loser he has always been,” a source said.

Lind supposedly isn’t too shaken up and already is seeing someone else. “He seems fine,” the insider said. “He’s already been hanging out with a new girl.”

Even though Lind moved out, the source thinks Halbur and Lind will be able to mend their relationship: “I’m sure they’ll get back together.”

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