Chicago Med
“Chicago Med” Season 2 will be back with episode 9 on Thursday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC. Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

“Chicago Med” fans who supported Dr. Will Halstead and Dr. Natalie Manning as a couple were sorely disappointed on Thursday. Halstead decided to move in with his girlfriend Nina Shore during the Season 2 fall finale of the NBC series. Does this mean he’s finally moving on from Manning? Or will his feelings for her eventually lead the pair to become a couple?

Nick Gehlfuss, who plays Halstead, talked about his character’s big decision. “Will’s very happy with Nina,” Gehlfuss told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s this bubbly, kind of quirky, great addition to his life and in the midst of a lot of chaos and dark times within the hospital and a doctor’s everyday goings on, she’s a light for him.”

Despite Dr. Halstead telling Manning (Torrey DeVitto) that he likes her, she didn’t date him. It was too early for her to start seeing other men after losing her husband. Ever since that time, the doctors have been keeping some distance from each other. Gehlfuss said, “He’s having a great time. Natalie’s involved with someone else. It’s clear she’s moved on and I think he’s doing his best of moving on as well.”

Does this mean Halstead and Manning are over? Not so fast. Gehlfuss explained, “It’s not a light switch. You can’t just turn it back off; you don’t compartmentalize those types of things. And the very nature of the proximity of them working together, certain things flare back up and you deal with them, you figure things out. “I don’t think that those feelings will ever go away. What will become of them, we shall see.”

Which means, while Halstead is happy with Nina (Patti Murin) now, there is a definite possibility that, in the far future, he acts on his feelings for Manning.”

The Season 2 mid-season finale of “Chicago Med” also showed Nurse April (Yaya DaCosta) being treated for a rare form of tuberculosis. Although she is under treatment for the disease, the medication will certainly affect her baby adversely.

“Chicago Med” Season 2 returns on Thursday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.