“Chicago P.D.” star Sophia Bush was vague when she announced her shocking exit from the show and her role as Detective Erin Lindsay. Now, the actress has finally revealed why she left the popular TV series. One reason she cited was her health, which she apparently neglected while giving priority to her work.

During her interview on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast, Bush talked about her time and experience in “Chicago P.D.,” Us Weekly reported. The actress said that while working hard, she realized that she was trying to be a “tough guy” by forcing herself to show up at work every day.

Bush said that she had been “programmed” to be a “good girl” who focused on work. The actress added that she had become a “work horse” and a “tug boat” for the show and apparently prioritized it over her health. The actress explained that she did this by keeping the show and the group of people involved in the project in mind.

The end result of this was that Bush’s body felt like it was “falling apart.” The physical strain of the work wasn’t the main cause for this, and the actress explained that the body was reacting that way because she was basically “unhappy” while working on “Chicago P.D.”

The cast members had to work in some extreme weather conditions and were reportedly getting sick all the time because of this. The writers of the show, who were sitting in Los Angeles, would only remark on how beautiful the snow looked on camera.

Bush said that she endured the filming because she had come to love all the people who were involved in the project and didn’t want them to suffer because of her. She later added that her “bosses” would tell her that she would cost the others their jobs if she created any problems, and she believed them at that time.

According to People, when Bush left “Chicago P.D.” at the time, she just said she did it because she wanted to. She also said that she didn’t want to give an explanation about her decision until she was ready.

Since her departure from “Chicago P.D.,” Bush has been cast in the spy thriller drama “Surveillance.” In an interview with Fox News, the actress said that she is now interested in also being the producer of her projects, rather than just work on them like an employee.