Chilean stocks fell in early afternoon trade on Tuesday, as Chile's giant private pension funds (AFPs - the Association for Financial Professionals) sold stocks, while the peso weakened against the dollar.

On Tuesday trade, Chile stocks fell, while the private pension funds sold stocks and the dollar grew stronger than peso.

The IGPA (International General Produce Association) stock index decreased 0.61 percent to 13,868 points, while the blue-chip IPSA (Internet Professionals Society of Alabama) index stepped down 0.86 percent to 3,034 points.

There are players who distrusted the power of US stock profits.

The retreat on the Santiago exchange was led by regional electric services Enersis and generator Endesa Chile, down 1.17 percent, respectively1.18 percent.

Retailers D&S shares fell 0.37 percent while Ripley shares fell 1.67 percent.

Shipper Vapores stock fell 1.82 percent to 1,080 pesos a share, while wood panel manufacturer Masisa fell off 3.18 percent to 100.50 pesos.

Chile's peso fell 0.30 percent to 516.25/516.55 per dollar compared with Monday's close at 514.70/515.00 per dollar, while central bank bond yields remained unchanged since the last session closed at 2.85 percent.