China Unicom said on Monday it will limit the sales for the long-awaited iPhone on October 30, the first day the eagerly sought Apple handset is due to go on sale nationwide in China.

The company will only make available 999 iPhones in total for sale on its debut, according to news outlet Sina.

The iPhone 3G & 3GS, with retail price of 4999 yuan ($732), will go on sale in Beijing from 18:00pm of October 30 to 6:00am of October 31, Unicom announced on Monday. Sina reported there will be only 999 iPhones for sale on its debut in mainland China.

AT&T limited iPhone sales at its retail stores to 'one per person' on the first day in 2007.

Customers will be able to get all models of iPhones on the spot. Unicom has announced its two-year contract plan and pricing system for iPhones.

Sina said 90 percent of the iPhones currently sold in China are fake, which couldn't complete with the genuine iPhones in user experience. It's expected that people will line up for iPhones which has been rare in China.