Holiday Cookies
Celebrate Christmas with chocolate cookies from the Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop

Everyone on your Christmas list isn’t in the market for a trendy watch or random gift card, some people are just interested in receiving the sweeter things in life this year. Luckily, there are a number of companies selling delicious chocolate-themed gifts.

Give your loved ones something sugary and delicious to munch on during the holiday season by checking out these 7 chocolate gift ideas for Christmas:

1. zChocolat Holiday Jade 6

Treat a loved one to a zChocolat Holiday Jade box. zChocolat

It’s hard not to smile at the idea of opening a mahogany treasure chest featuring the iconic Parisian skyline and filled with 90 delicious pieces of chocolate. Gift the sugar-obsessed person in your life with tasty praliné, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and an assortment of other Z chocolates.

2. Dave’s Sweet Tooth Dark Chocolate Peppermint Toffee

It’s easy to get into the holiday spirit after you take a bite of this dark chocolate, peppermint toffee. With a semi-sweet and minty dark chocolate peppermint taste, this light and buttery toffee is perfect for any day of the year.

3. Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop Cookies

Save the chocolate lover in your life some time this year by sending them cookies to lay out for Santa Claus. Consider surprising your loved ones with the Little Red Kitchen Bake Shop’s signature Chocolate chip or S’mores cookies that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. A variety of cookies, cookie pies and other gift sets are also available on the company’s website.

4. zChocolat Xmas Tea & Chocolate ZBox 25

Any time can be tea time when you have this Winter Wonderland Paris gift box set. Made up of traditional zChocolat recipes along with a special Chinese black tea, the hints of clove, pink bay, cinnamon bits, coriander and ginger will turn any day into a memorable celebration.

5. zChocolat All-Natural Vegan Selection

Surprise the vegans on your Christmas list with a special holiday treat. While the z Chocolat vegan creations contain no animal or dairy products, the company continues to retain the same French authenticity found in their other products.

6. Ethel M Champagne & Cordials Collection

Be sure you send this special chocolate gift to someone 21 or older. These tasty treats, which are airbrushed with real cocoa butter, are filled with real champagne and cherries, guaranteed to help spread the joy of the holiday season.

7. zChocolat Holiday Candy Mix

Grab a sweet treat from the zChocolat Holiday Candy Mix. zChocolat

A classy and chic gift idea like this is sure to impress the chocolate snob on your list. This set of chocolate contains an assortment of seven sugary boxes that are sure to deliver the sweet taste of Christmas in every bite.