It seems Rihanna and Chris Brown may just be friends after all, considering the singer’s latest tweet.

“Being single sucks. The only thing I get to do is whatever the [expletive] I want to do,” read the caption on a postcard she tweeted.

An insider also revealed to Perez Hilton that while on the set of "The Voice" to perform her hit "Diamonds,"  Rihanna "made sure her people told everyone on the crew that no one could talk about Chris whatsoever, because she didn’t want to hear his name!”

Earlier this week, amid reports that Chris Brown and his ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, are back together, Rihanna reportedly decided to take a break from the "Carpe Diem" singer.

A source told Hollywood Life: “He [Chris] talks to Karrueche everyday by text and Kae is holding it down for him. Karrueche can’t wait for him to finish his tour.

"She be telling him to hurry up home and [expletive] like that so that’s what time it is [sic].

"He ain’t talked to Rihanna in two or three days. They giving each other some space but they cool. They good [sic]” the source went on to explain.

Last week, while on the Wendy Williams show, singer Christina Milian addressed the relationship status between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran, with whom she is close friends.

When Williams asked Milian about the love triangle between Brown, Tran, and Rihanna, Milian replied “From what I’ve always known, she’s his girlfriend. That’s where it lies for me.”

“I see everything in the media, but I don’t really get into the detail of it. But I think everyone has their own lives and how they deal with things."

She added, "They have the right to handle it how they want. Karrueche is a sweetheart and I think they make a great couple. I do love her. She’s a really good friend of mine.”

Last week, Rihanna also tweeted a message that seemed to have been directed at Brown. "Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes.”

A source told the Sun, “She [Rihanna] can’t get it into her head that Chris will never change. She’s given him so many chances since he beat her up in 2009 and he still keeps hurting her …”