When Rihanna made the Time 100 list of influential people, she probably wasn't expecting her mother to use it as an opportunity to make fun of her for her loose image and rumored relationship with Ashton Kutcher in the press. But mock her Mother Braithwaite did! (Hmm...wonder how Chris Brown felt about that!)

At the gala, held in New York City's Lincoln Center, Rihanna was honored alongside world leaders like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. She also performed for the crowd, and Monica Braithwaite – her mother – showed up as a surprise and gave a little performance of her own.

Did you hear the one about Ashton Kutcher and my daughter? Momma Braithwaite told the crowd, to laughter in the audience.

Rihanna took the jab in stride, tweeting later, Well....2nt consisted of us singing Bob Marley, drinkin Vintage Scotch, and my mom thinkin a joke abt Kutcher was appropriate! #Thxtime100

One person who may not have appreciated the joke so much is Rihanna's rumored secret lover, Chris Brown.

After Rihanna was seen sneaking into Ashton Kutcher's Los Angeles home last weekend then leaving, Word on the street (okay, actually the print edition of OK! magazine) was that Ashton Kutcher was making Rihanna pay for their midnight hookup being caught on camera by paparazzi by breaking it off with her.

But another narrative emerged, courtesy of TaleTela: Chris Brown is actually the one who broke up the budding couple!

Sources now say that Ashton backed off after receiving warnings from RiRi's ex Chris and friend Diddy, TaleTela reported on Thursday.

At first, Ashton took it as a joke, the source told the gossip site, but Diddy told him that Chris was dead serious and really worked up about the idea that Rihanna has moved on.

Rihanna, naturally, was not pleased with Chris Brown's interference. According to the site, the Bajan beauty was so angry after learning of his challenge to Ashton, she called her jealous ex and told him to back off.

If Breezy was upset by earlier rumors that the two were together, I wonder what he'll think of Momma Braithwaite's comments at the Time 100 gala!