Chris Brown
Chris Brown, photographed during a performance in Rabat, Morocco, on May 20, 2016, is setting the record straight about Child Protective Services alleged investigation. Getty Images

Chris Brown is shutting down any and all questions about his ability to parent. The R&B singer is reportedly under investigation by Child Protective Services following his arrest in connection with a violent incident involving a gun.

On Thursday Brown addressed the drama on Instagram, assuring his 31.2 million followers that his legal issues have no bearing on his parenting. He claims he “fully” cares for Royalty. Brown, 27, called out fans for being too quick to believe false accusations, suggesting that there was no truth to the investigation rumors. The video appears to have been deleted.

“Somebody make an accusation, 90 percent of y’all believe it, and it’s bulls---,” he said (according to People). “The last three weeks or whatever been going on with the accusations, you know it’s false.”

In addition to allegedly drawing the attention of Child Protective Services, Brown has been barred from performing in Japan. TMZ reported that that issue stems from the Los Angeles Police Department’s investigation into Brown’s recent gun charge. Brown applied for permission to enter Tokyo only to find himself flagged by Japanese officials. He was then denied entry into the county. A Japanese consulate official told the publication the country has a low tolerance for visitors with criminal backgrounds. Brown will have another chance to apply for entry as the date of his scheduled performance nears.

Both rumored investigations are linked to reports Brown pulled a gun on Baylee Curran. The “Loyal” singer was arrested following a nine hour standoff with police on Aug. 30. Curran stands by claims he was threatened by Brown, though he vehemently denies her story. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, told TMZ he feels that authorities are dragging out Brown’s case intentionally. He feels that they have no case against him at the moment. The musician has been quiet about the situation, sans a social media post stating that he was “going to turn the other cheek and drop some music.” He has also begun selling t-shirts that say “This B---- Lyin’.”