Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie speaks at the Growth and Opportunity Party at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Iowa, Oct. 31. Reuters

UPDATE 4:10 p.m. EST: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's campaign spokeswoman, Maria Comella, released the following statement in regard to the delayed airplane incident:

Governor Christie, an aide and a member of his security detail were traveling on a United flight from San Francisco to Boston this morning when a passenger was removed from the plane before takeoff at the request of United Airlines. At no point did Governor Christie interact with this passenger nor did this passenger pose a verbal or physical threat to the Governor. Any other inquiries about this matter should be directed to United Airlines.

Original Story:

A Boston-bound United Airlines flight was delayed for almost four hours after a passenger reportedly threatened New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who was onboard, Boston's WFXT-TV reported Friday afternoon. The flight was scheduled to take off from San Francisco this morning, but was significantly delayed after passengers had to be taken off the plane and individually checked following the reported threat.

As the plane was on the runway, the pilot announced they would be returning to the gate for “operational difficulties.” Passengers were reportedly kept aboard the plane for around 45 minutes, and then passengers were removed, five at a time, to be individually searched -- some even cotton-swabbed, a family member of a WFXT employee told the news station.

Just last month, Christie experienced other travel woes. The Republican presidential contender was asked to leave an Amtrak "quiet car" after passengers complained he was being too noisy, according to a rider, CNN reported. A woman who sat across from Christie said the governor quickly left, quietly and courteously, after realizing he was in the quiet car.