• Chris D'Elia admitted that he's cheated on his past girlfriends and even his current fiancée
  • He said even being with his "dream girl" did not stop his "lifestyle"
  • The comedian announced in 2019 that he and his partner were expecting a baby boy 

Chris D'Elia admitted to being unfaithful to numerous women, including his current fiancée, as he addressed the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against him last summer.

In a 10-minute video posted on YouTube Friday, the "Good Doctor" alum apologized and said that he has a "problem" and that sex "controlled" his life, though he insisted that all his relationships "have been consensual and legal." D'Elia explained that he would think about sex all the time, and it "became a lifestyle that I didn't know how to stop."

He confessed that his habits damaged many important relationships, seemingly referencing his rumored romance with Kristin Taylor.

D'Elia did not mention Taylor by name, but the actor said, "I cheated on most of the girls I've been with. I've cheated on my fiancée now, and this is my dream girl. This is the girl that I want to be with for the rest of my life and even that wouldn't stop what I was doing."

"I have a chance to apologize here, to the people who got caught up in that shit," he said. "The lies that I would tell my fiancée, my friends — I’m sorry."

In December 2019, D'Elia announced on one episode of his podcast, "Congratulations With Chris D'Elia," that he and his partner were expecting a baby.

"Are you ever ready to have a kid? No. But, you know, that's what's up with life. So, I'm here to tell you right now, I'm having a baby dude and it's a boy. So, how f--king cool is that dude?" he said. "I haven't brought it up here in the podcast because I was a little bit also nervous on how to bring it up and also, I was a little bit nervous because when I say it, I know my son is gonna grow up and f--king listen to this s--t and I don't want him know how jerky I am. You know what I mean? But, that's it man."

Not much is known about his fiancée as the comedian is notoriously private when it comes to his love life, though they have been photographed together in the past years. According to her bio, Taylor is an animator and artist at Hi Big Dog Media, a company she founded. She is also present on Twitter and Instagram, but her accounts are private.

In his Friday video, D'Elia explained that he felt lucky that he did not "need to work as hard" to have sex when he began doing stand stand-up comedy.

He said he would simply message women, "Hey, come to my hotel room and let's have sex. Let's make out. Let's do this, let's do that," and that he also got "at least 50 messages after a show each city a night. And I would reply to all of them." He also admitted to using "familiarity" to get his female fans to have sex with him.

"I thought in my mind that being straight-up with these women was the right thing to do," the comedian said. "I realized, through all of this, that doing that is just treating sex like it's casual and being flippant with people. And that's not the guy I want to be, it's not okay, and I'm sorry for that. It makes me feel shameful and it makes me feel bad."

In June 2020, D'Elia was accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, some as young as 16 at the time of the alleged encounters. Following the controversy, Creative Artist Agency dropped him and his "Workaholics" episode was pulled from Netflix.

His "Whitney" co-star Whitney Cummings didn't hide her dismay and disappointment after learning about the allegations against D'Elia at the time. She said it was a "pattern of predatory behavior" and "abuse of power."

However, Cummings' post backfired after one alleged victim insisted she was aware of D'Elia's misconduct even before it made headlines. The alleged victim recalled an incident when D'Elia introducer her to Cummings, Mark Hayes, Michael Lenoci and Bryan Callen and they asked her age. When she told them she was 20, they allegedly laughed at her, saying, "They just keep getting younger."

Whitney Cummings and Chris D'Elia
NBC's "Whitney" stars stand-up comedians Whitney Cummings and Chris D'Elia. Both have had their comedy specials appear on Comedy Central. Reuters