“Galaxy of the Guardians” star Chris Pratt once again showed his funny side during a BBC Radio 1 interview when he prank called a pet shop to get advice on how to look after the fictional character Baby Groot. The challenge was that while talking Pratt will have to start each sentence with the next letter of the alphabet.

In the video, Pratt delivers his hilarious persona and also adds an accent of an elderly British man to add effect to the prank. Even when Pratt reached the letter X, he stayed calm and pulled the act through.

Watch the video below.

Last week, Pratt took to Instagram to share a funny video as part of his promotions for "Guardians of the Galaxy," showing himself getting dry. “Next time... Put the deodorant under the man boobs,” he wrote. “Getting all heated up and passionate about #gotgvol2 #WHATSMYSNACK.”

Recently, Pratt was targeted by body shamers who called him out for being too skinny — or “skeletal.” The actor, who typically plays a game called, “What’s my snack,” where he tells his followers what type of food he eats, used his sense of humor to respond to his haters.

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“So many people have said I look too thin in my recent episodes of #WHATSMYSNACK. Some have gone as far as to say I look ‘skeletal,’” he wrote alongside a picture of a tyrannosaurs rex skull last month. “Well, just because I am a male doesn't mean I'm impervious to your whispers. Body shaming hurts. So to prove my security in the way I look I'm posting a current selfie of me at what I consider a very healthy weight. 500lbs. Zero percent body fat. Totally JK guys. This is a T Rex skull. Nailed you so bad. Omg.”

In another message, Pratt wrote: “#WHATSMYSNACK today I got cucumber and egg wrap. It's basically exactly like a sandwich but instead of bread you use thinly sliced cucumbers and instead of meat you use sprouts and chopped up eggs and instead of flavor you get nutrition. Like I always said, eating is no longer the fun part, flexing my butt cheeks in the mirror is. Cause no dimples. No rolls. Just cut a-- butt cheeks. LIVE WITH IT!!! #jurassicworld2.”