Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen, photographed a "Cravings" cookbook signing in Los Angeles on Feb. 23, 2016, took a stand against Twitter trolls bashing her pregnancy Wednesday. Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen fought hard to get pregnant, and she's not going to let anyone — especially Twitter haters — ruin the moment for her and husband John Legend.

Since going public with her decision to implant a female embryo during in vitro fertilization Wednesday, the Sports Illustrated model has received a mixture of positive feedback and hatred on Twitter. One user tweeted that she “used to like” Teigen, 30, before learning that she’d chosen her baby’s gender, suggesting that it was “messing with the natural blessing from God.” The user then sarcastically questioned whether Teigen had modified the infant’s eye color, among other things. Fed up, the expectant mother fired back.

Teigen wrote that her “natural blessing” was infertility — something she is “always happy and open” to discuss. Teigen then joked that she had also ensured that her daughter would share her love of bacon, be something of a magician and have a common shoe size. Before ending her rant, the cookbook author explained to followers and haters alike that she was "not mad at anyone's beliefs" but also wasn't interested in being made to feel guilty for her decisions.

On Wednesday, the model discussed her decision to implant a female embryo while undergoing in vitro fertilization. Teigen told People she decided to move forward with a girl because she knew "John would be the best father to a little girl." She added that it was "so cute" to see men go "soft" after having daughters. She went on to say that in the future they'd like to have a boy, but for the moment they're feeling "very lucky" and pleased with their decision.

Teigen and her musician husband discussed their unborn baby on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Feb. 15. The duo joked about their daughter's personality, telling CBS they weren't sure what she'll be like. Legend joked that the uncertainty may be "a punishment."