Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is throwing the rules out the window and releasing a new movie on a Thursday instead of a Sunday and releasing a Christmas flick in July instead of right around the actual holiday.

“Christmas Camp,” starring Bobby Campo and Lily Anne Harrison, is that exception of a movie.

The network’s 2019 Christmas in July event, Gold Crown Christmas, ends Monday, but Hallmark Movies & Mysteries isn’t closing it out without a big finale, aka this festive premiere.

Campo last starred on Hallmark with his 2017 Hallmark Channel movie “Sharing Christmas” with Ellen Hollman. Prior to that, he starred in 2016’s “My Christmas Love,” which was also directed by “Christmas Camp” helmer Jeff Fisher, opposite Meredith Hagner.

This will be Harrison’s first movie to air on Hallmark. She previously worked on films like the 2018 comedy “Breaking & Exiting” and the 2017 romantic dramedy “The Year of Spectacular Men.”

christmas camp synopsis hallmark
Lily Anne Harrison and Bobby Campo’s “Christmas Camp” debuts on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Thursday. MarVista Entertainment

With a teleplay by Karen Schaler, who also wrote Netflix’s “A Christmas Prince,” as well as the book adaptation of “Christmas Camp,” this new Hallmark movie follows advertising exec Haley Hanson (Harrison) as she attends a Christmas camp, at her boss’ request, in order to learn more about the holiday to better pitch a toy company as a new client.

While there, “Haley learns to slow down, appreciate life’s sweetest moments and open her heart to the possibility of love with Jeff (Campo), one of the camp’s counselors,” the synopsis reveals.

The film’s cast also includes John James (Ben), Geraldine Leer (Gail), Shadner Ifrene (John), Ben Gavin (Ian), Milan Williams (Madison), Megan McQueen (Laura), Reece Ennis (Susie), Alexandra Mazzucchelli (Kathy), Alex Cheeks (Blake), Adriana DeMeo (Shauna), Joanna Herrington (Mom), Ignacyo Matynia (Ryan) and David Ten Hoeve (Tom).

Check out “Christmas Camp” on Thursday on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 9 p.m. EDT. Then continue to watch the Gold Crown Christmas event on the network, as well as Hallmark Channel’s Keepsake Week event, which begins on Friday.