BeBella's skincare line is a perfect holiday gift. You can get sample sizes of several BeBella products (full sizes pictured above) in their Probiotic Essentials Holiday Kit. International Business Times

There are just 10 days left until Christmas! For those having trouble figuring out what to buy their loved ones, we've decided to give you a lending hand with your holiday shopping. Below are 10 unique gift ideas for grandparents. Whether grandma is a fan of beauty products or grandpa enjoys reading, we've got an idea for every grandparent on your list.

1. BeBella Skincare Line -- Help grandma look fresh and radiant this holiday season by gifting her Bebe & Bella's skincare line. BeBella offers a wide range of beauty products designed to help fight against aging with the use of collagen and probiotics. The oral and topical products promote cell turnover and give the skin the protective moisture it needs, especially in the winter months! The line is great for sensitive skin types as its water-based, contains no sulfates, added fragrances or colorings. The Probiotic Essentials Holiday Kit ($80 with the coupon code "Holiday") comes with sample sizes of facial cleanser, purifying facial toner, facial essence, hydrating night cream, eye cream and a travel case.

2. Audible -- Gifting your grandparents an Audible membership will save them from having to strain their eyes while reading while also allowing them to keep up with the newest titles. The first book is free, after that is $14.95 for one book per month. Two books per month costs $22.95 per billing period. Subscriptions can be canceled at any time. From best-sellers to romance novels, there will be something for grandma and grandpa to listen to on any of their devices.

3. Door Mat -- Give your grandparents’ home a new look with a personalized door mat. sells monogrammed, rubber mats, which are made of recycled products, for $23.95. Your design will be one of a kind as you can chose between five different colors to create your special mat. (Note: rubber insert trays are sold separately.)

4. Touch3 -- Smartphones can be tricky for those not used to the technology. If grandma or grandpa struggle with using some of the more popular smartphone models, consider gifting them a device that's easier to use. Samsung’s Jitterbug Touch offers a simple menu, full-sized keyboard, long-lasting battery, bright display screen and the 5Star App, a button which calls for immediate help in the case of an emergency. The device costs $112.49. The price does not including monthly plan fees and activation charges.

5. RCA Quard Core Tablet -- If your grandparents are tech savvy consider gifting them their very own tablet this Christmas. The RCA 7-inch Quard Core Tablet, complete with keyboard and case, retails for just $49.99 at Walmart. The Android tablet, which has four different colors options, offers a touch screen and 16 GB of storage memory.

6. Fuzzy Blanket -- This may be a cliché gift idea, but it’s always a winner! Target sells an especially cozy throw. Grandpa and grandma will not be disappointed if you gift them the retailer’s Threshold Fuzzy Blanket ($29.99). Several different colors are available.

7. Custom Map Pillow -- Keep your grandparents’ favorite place on earth close to their hearts by ordering them a Custom Map Pillow ($110-$115) from Uncommon Goods. This unique gift idea is handmade in Massachusetts by artist Heather Jernagan.

8. Detailed Birdhouse -- Help your loved ones get more in touch with nature by gifting them a working birdhouse. Plow & Hearth’s unique Stone Cottage Birdhouse ($39.95) comes complete with a pine, shingle roof, river stone exterior and red front door. The opening is big enough to accommodate several types of wild birds, including finches. It will be the talk of the neighborhood!

9. Painting Class -- Take your grandparents to a painting class or simply gift them two tickets to an upcoming course. Started in 2012, Paint Nite brings professional artists to local hotspots and teaches creative types how to paint various portraits. No experience is required and there are hundreds of events and pictures to choose from. Find an upcoming event nearest to you here. Prices vary.

10. Picnic Basket -- Allow your grandparents to reconnect by giving them a Rattan Picnic Basket for two from Pottery Barn ($99). The basket includes everything you need for a perfect, daytime getaway, including enough room for food and wine, two wine glasses, two plates, silverware and a wine opener.

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