With December officially here and the holiday season officially in full swing, the time has also come to binge-watch some of the best holiday movies that streaming services have to offer. From kid-friendly fun fare to more romantic Christmas films, Hulu has a little bit of everything for everyone.

As we get closer to Dec. 25, settle in, sit back and relax as you watch over 30-holiday films.

“12 Dog Days Till Christmas” (2014):

After being assigned to an animal shelter as part of his community service, a teen discovers the Christmas spirit when he finds homes for 12 dogs.

“A Christmas Kiss II” (2014):

A woman shares a passionate and unforgettable kiss with a wealthy playboy in the elevator and later discovers that he owns the company she works for.

“A Christmas Tree Miracle” (2015):

A dysfunctional family loses everything when David, the father, loses his job. They are taken in by an old Christmas tree farmer and, by sticking together, manage to overcome all of the obstacles in their path.

“A Cinderella Christmas” (2016):

At a holiday masquerade ball, fledgling event planner Angie Wells and wealthy playboy Nicholas Karmichael, who needs to marry to retain his inheritance, meet and fall for each other anonymously. While Nicholas tries to locate the girl of his dreams, Angie must choose between pursuing her lifelong dream of running a business or following her heart.

“A Dog For Christmas” (2015):

Kassandra wants a puppy for Christmas, however, her parents are unwilling to make that commitment. But Santa has other ideas.

“A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale” (2015):

A spoiled college student walks a developer’s dog and is delighted when she sees he plans to build a salon over a nearby dog park. When she meets a handsome dog walker at the park, she tries to put aside her selfish ways to help him save the park.

“A Puppy For Christmas” (2016):

Noelle has a successful job, a handsome boyfriend and the life of her dreams. Deciding she is missing one last thing, Noelle adopts an adorable puppy, but her new furry friend turns her world upside down and soon they are facing Christmas alone.

“A Very Brady Christmas” (1988):

Mike and Carol are looking forward to spending the Christmas holiday with their six adult children and their friend and former housekeeper, Alice, but various issues may keep them apart. Every Brady sibling has a set of problems, marital or otherwise. However, their own difficulties are eclipsed when their father is trapped in a collapsed building. For the Bradys to have a happy holiday, it’s going to take a Christmas miracle.

“A Very Cool Christmas” (2004):

A fashion-conscious teen, who would rather spend Christmas with her boyfriend than her parents, gives Santa a makeover.

“Alone For Christmas” (2013):

A family leaves their dog home when they visit relatives on Christmas Eve. When burglars break in to steal the presents under the tree, the dog uses a variety of tricks to stop the crooks.

“An Accidental Christmas” (2007):

Cupid is working overtime this Christmas. Meet Jason and Vicky Wright, a separated couple. Their children refuse to accept the split and try to rekindle the romance.

“Back To Christmas” (2014):

Magically transported to the Christmas before her canceled wedding, a woman gets a second chance at happiness with her former fiancé.

“Chasing Christmas” (2005):

When grumpy Jack refuses to celebrate Christmas, the Bureau for Yuletide Affairs sends the ghosts of Christmas past to change his mind. Things get complicated when one of the ghosts takes him back to Christmas circa 1965 and refuses to leave, forcing Jack to chase Christmas back through time to get home.

“Christmas Belle” (2013):

A woman spends Christmas organizing the sale of a mansion and its contents. The aloof owner initially treats her with disdain but they gradually become attracted to each other. However, the budding relationship is complicated when her old flame comes to visit.

“The Christmas Calendar” (2017):

Emily receives a mysterious Christmas calendar, and everyone tries to find out who sent it. Assuming the handmade gift was from a secret admirer, the locals become obsessed with finding out who it is.

“Christmas in the Heartland” (2017):

Teenagers Kara and Jessie strike up an unlikely friendship while sitting next to each other on a plane that’s bound for the heartland. Forced to spend the holidays in the same small town with relatives that they’ve never met, the girls devise a plan to switch places for Christmas. Jessie soon finds herself living lavishly with Kara’s wealthy grandparents, while Kara starts to bond with Jessie’s fun, quirky grandmother and the most genuine, modest family she’s ever known.

“Christmas Perfection” (2018):

After magically waking up in a Christmas village in Ireland, a woman learns the meaning of the holiday season.

“Christmas With the Andersons” (2016):

Drowning in tinsel and lights every Christmas, Michael and Caroline Anderson throw the year’s biggest party at their house. But this year, with Michael jobless and Caroline’s store struggling, that tradition may end. The Andersons decide to host a very different kind of party, which helps them rediscover what’s most important about the holiday.

“Crazy for Christmas” (2005):

On Christmas Eve, a single mother is hired to chauffer a rich old man around town. When the man starts giving money away, she starts to wonder who he is and just what she’s gotten herself into.

“Every Other Holiday” (2018):

The daughters of a separated couple break the family tradition of spending Christmas with one or other parent, by engineering that they all get together—their aim being to engineer a reconciliation.

“Eve’s Christmas” (2004):

Eve, a successful advertising executive, feels unhappy in her personal life. When her wish magically comes true, she travels back in time to the moment when she walked away from her loving family and her fiancé, Scott.

“Girlfriends of Christmas Past” (2016):

Three women join forces to seek revenge on their cheating ex at an upcoming holiday retreat, but the prospect of a real romance distracts one of the participants.

“His and Her Christmas” (2005):

Tom runs a big-time rag that tries to buy out a smaller newspaper, but a Christmas column by reporter Liz save the struggling paper from the takeover. Tom writes a competing column. However, the rivalry soon turns to passion and they have a holiday romance.

“Holly’s Holiday” (2013):

Holly's Holiday
“Holly’s Holiday” is a fun take on a Christmas romance story. Lifetime

An advertising executive walks past a display mannequin in a department store window every day. When she suffers a bad fall outside the shop, the dummy comes to life to help her.

“Home By Christmas” (2006):

After Julie leaves her cheating husband, she ends up destitute and living in her car and must fight to rebuild her life.

“The March Sisters At Christmas” (2012):

The March Sisters at Christmas
“The March Sisters at Christmas” gives a “Little Women” take on Christmas. Lifetime

When four sisters discover their parents intend on selling their family home, they work together to restore the house to its former glory.

“Married by Christmas” (2016):

Carrie dedicates her life to growing the company founded by her father, while her sister pursues her own passions. When it’s discovered that ownership of the company will pass to whichever sister marries first, Carrie races to find a spouse before Christmas. After a series of wacky plans, she finds love in Dylan, the lawyer who should be her enemy. But with Christmas approaching and the business at stake, will Carrie elope in time or will all of her hard-earned holiday work be for nothing?

“My Santa” (2013):

A single mother falls for a man who plays Santa Claus in the mall, but she doesn’t realize that he is the son of Kris Kringle.

“Naughty and Nice” (2014):

After one stunt too many, a radio DJ is sent to sleepy Colorado for Christmas. Sparks fly when the DJ and his new co-host turn their small-town show into a hit.

“Santa Hunters” (2014):

A boy receives the best Christmas present from his uncle; Santa’s very own pipe. But when he tries to share the evidence with the world, he is met with pranks from non-believers. So he sets out to prove Santa is real.

“Second Chance Christmas” (2017):

On her way to drop off divorce papers, Caroline gets hit by a car and wakes up without any memory. Motivated by the opportunity to start fresh, Jack is determined to make his wife fall in love with him again and save his marriage.

“The Spirit of Christmas” (2015):

The Spirit of Christmas
“The Spirit of Christmas” follows the story of a spirit who comes back to life every Christmas and is streaming on Hulu. Lifetime

A young lawyer finds romance with a spirit that takes the form of a human 12 days before Christmas.

“The Truth About Christmas” (2018):

An encounter with a toy store Santa results in a drastic change in a political consultant, leaving her unable to lie.

“Tiny Christmas” (2017):

When a clumsy elf accidentally shrinks two kids on Christmas Eve, they get scooped up into Santa’s sack. When they are dropped off across the street, the tiny kids have to navigate holiday hazards to make it home safely.