Hallmark superstar Lacey Chabert returns for her latest holiday movie, “Christmas in Rome,” opposite network fan-favorite Sam Page (“The Bold Type”), premiering tonight as part of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas 2019 event.

While chatting with International Business Times at Christmas Con 2019 about her new Hallmark Christmas movie, Chabert shared what she loves most about the new flick, what she wants viewers to get out of it and what it was like filming in Rome.

“Whenever we do the movies that are in destinations, such as a magical place like Rome, I just want the audience to feel like they went there with us and that they got to take their own tour of Rome by watching the movie,” she told IBT. “And then, also, most importantly, that it puts them in the Christmas spirit.”

A lot of the movie was actually shot in Romania, but there were still some segments shot in — as the title suggests — Rome, like scenes at the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and more.

“It was surreal to be there and to be filming a movie there,” Chabert said. “It was just incredible.”

Since the “Mean Girls” stars has worked with Hallmark for years and done so many movies with the network, it’s important to her that each of the flicks is “better than the last,” which is why she’s thrilled about the exciting location of this movie.

When it comes down to it, though, Chabert finds that making sure her characters are relatable is one of the most important factors of a good Hallmark movie.

“We try really hard to put our hearts into [these movies], and I always try to find parts of my character that I can relate to personally and put part of myself in,” she said. “And then, in the end, ultimately, hope to make the character relatable enough that the audience is willing to go along on the journey with [her].”

What journey will her character, and viewers, be going on this time around? Keep reading to find out what “Christmas in Rome” has in store for everyone.

hallmark christmas in rome lacey chabert
Sam Page and Lacey Chabert star in Hallmark Channel’s “Christmas in Rome.” Crown Media / Stefano Montesi

“Amanda DeLuca (Chabert) is an American tour guide living in Rome, Italy. Her passion for the city and unorthodox methods cause her to lose her job just days before the Christmas holiday, after once again taking her tourists off their assigned route,” the synopsis shares. “While contemplating her future, she stumbles into Oliver Martin (Page), a high-powered New York business executive sent to Rome to help close a deal with one of Italy’s top ceramics companies. Lost and late for his meeting, Angela helps Oliver get to his destination, but soon finds herself playing a central role in the deal, as the company owner will only sell to someone who understands the ways of Italy.”

The synopsis continues: “Oliver smartly hires Angela to be his personal tour guide but gets far more than he bargained for, as a romance blooms between them amidst the backdrop of Rome at Christmastime, and he must learn that life moves at a different pace in Italy. As the deadline approaches for Oliver to close the deal, he is forced to face a choice between following his heart and following the money.”

“Christmas in Rome” was directed by Ernie Barbarash and written by Gregg Rossen and Brian Sawyer, with some polishes by Alex Wright.

The Hallmark movie’s cast also includes Franco Nero (Luigi Forlinghetti), Holly Hayes (Margaret Fletcher), Bryan Bounds (Jack Fletcher), Fernanda Diniz (Francesca Gianella), Petar Cvirn (Pietro Gianella), Natasha Estelle Williams (Estelle Burns), Francesca de Martini (Sofia Forlinghetti), Simone Spinazze (Tomasso Toffino), Dragos Olaru (Luca), Cleo Demetriou (Betty), Clara Ciobanu (Monica Gianella) and Nathan Clough (Joey Princer).

Catch “Christmas in Rome” when it premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.