Christmas cookies of Obama family dogs Sunny and Bo sit on a tray during a holiday decor preview at the White House in Washington, Nov. 29, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Today marks the first day of December, which means that it’s officially time to sort out and plan any future Christmas parties for the season.

When it comes to party themes, a memorable Christmas party does not have to be all red, green and white and not all menus have to involve a roast and holiday cookies. Creativity and thinking outside of the conventional holiday party box will ensure that guests won’t grow tired of the same old thing. Here are some creative tips to ensure that your Christmas party will be the talk of the season.

Party Themes: for those who are feeling anti-holidays (and who enjoy “Seinfeld”), a Festivus party is an excellent party idea. Watch the “Seinfeld episode titled, “The Strike” for the full disclosure, but celebrate this “strike” on the holiday season by passing around the Festivus pole. When each guest receives the pole, they can partake in the “Airing of Grievances,” where each guest can complain or discuss their disappointments from the past year. For bonus points, have your guests arrive wearing ugly sweaters.

For those who really want to take an out-there approach, host a party inspired by the television show “Stranger Things.” Although this theme definitely borders more on the spooky, you’ll score originality points with this party idea. Holiday-appropriate Christmas tree lights could be haphazardly wrapped over pieces of furniture or across the living room wall. Create an Eggo waffle bar where guests can add their own toppings.

For the traditionalists who still want to maintain the holiday spirit, host a cookie party (they don’t all have to be Christmas cookies). Encourage guests to think outside the box and have them whip up a batch of gingersnaps, lady fingers or toffee cookies. For those who enjoy a little friendly competition, turn it into a cookie judging contest with prizes awarded to the "most creative" or the "best traditional cookie."

Recipes: Speaking of cookies, Food Network always has some great tips for unconventional holiday cookies, from Chocolate Cheesecake Bars to Candy Cane Macaroons.

Looking to host a dinner? Skip the roast this year for traditional Mexican Tamales. Food.com has an excellent recipe for traditional tamales. Serve them up buffet-style with rice, homemade guacamole and tortilla soup. Food and Wine also features some great tips for non-traditional holiday meals. Try out a recipe for Mushroom Fried Rice or a Roasted Sweet Potato and Okra Salad.

Other Tips: For 2016, do away with the red and green and upgrade a holiday cocktail party. Use decorations that only come in white and gold for a decidedly adult soiree.

In addition, fun Christmas games never go out of style. Pick up a bunch of Christmas Crackers (Sur La Table has a decent assortment) for guests to enjoy. Finally, everyone loves a good White Elephant party. Have guests bring the tackiest gifts they have ever received and have them all exchange tacky presents.